Las Fallas in Valencia, in March flies to Spain

    A Valencia every year from 1 to 19 March there is the great feast of The Fallas. As he had already mentioned Aurora the festival of Valencia is one of the most beautiful in Spain, which for two weeks invites tourists and onlookers to join the great Spanish carnival.

    I fail they were the lights, the torches that were burned with the setting of the sun in the winter months to get more light. With the arrival of spring there was no longer any need for these torches, which is why this great party was born. Today Las Fallas is a festival that hardly recalls his ancient tradition and is more linked to the modern idea of ​​the fashion show.

    In the days of Las Fallas the whole city changes its face and in the two weeks the city is full of events. Large festoons, puppets and floats roam the city throughout the festival period until these masks are burned in the last days of the event. Well-wishing fires are seen throughout Valencia, generally the mask and the largest chariot are found in Plaza de Ayuntamiento.

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