La Mancha, Consuegra and Don Quixote's windmills

    La Mancha, Consuegra and Don Quixote's windmills

    After having visited Toledo, I got into my car and, leaving behind me the crowds, the monumental buildings, the freeways and the traffic of the big cities, I directed to Consuegra. The closer I got to that small town, the more I felt like in a novel. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza they preceded me, at every street corner and accompanied me to the destination, to the famous windmills against which our hero used to fight. Oh yes, because maybe you don't remember it, but La Mancha and Consuegra in particular, with its eleven windmills, offered the scenography to Miguel de Cervantes and the adventures of his hero / antihero Don Quixote de la Mancha.

    Don't think you can go there with twelve heels or evening dress, sneakers, shorts and backpack they will be your explorer gear. You will find yourself facing nowhere, at a green and yellow rural setting, the grass parched by the scorching sun, trampled by the continuous coming and going of grazing cows and horses; rocks scattered here and there in the immense hilly expanse; a breathtaking view that only from a height like that and only with that peace and tranquility can you fully enjoy, with full eyes, with full lungs. Only in the distance will you be able to see the homes of the locals but you will not be interested in going to see them up close, so much is the magic that nothing can offer. Windmills which seem to come out of the novel only to welcome you, white and cylindrical, surmounted by a gray conical roof from which the blades, gray and as big as the mill itself, emerge.

    There are no bars, there are no restaurants, there are no night clubs. If you want you can visit the inside of one of the mills, or simply walk along the path that runs alongside them. If you are looking for an oasis of peace, a moment of relaxation, an immersion in literature and nature, go to Consuegra and then let me know!

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