Il Paramount Studios a Los Angeles

Il Paramount Studios a Los Angeles

Paramount Studios in Los Angeles is one of the most famous studios in Hollywood, as well as being the most historic. For the visit you can choose between 3 different types of tours. The deeper the tour, the higher the cost of the entrance ticket. Most of the classic tour is done on a shuttle although there is a short area to see on foot.

Among the highlights of the tour: the Forrest Gump bench, the Bronson Gate name given by the actor Charles Bronson and a vast backlot that is used for filming outdoor scenes that include places like New York and Chicago. During the visit it may happen to meet VIPs or you can watch the recording of TV programs or films.

The tours

The basic tour is the so-called Studio Tour of the during of 2 hours. The tour takes place on a shuttle that crosses the most important places of the studios. It also includes a visit to the museum on foot. The cost of the ticket is 58 dollars.

Il Vip Tour is the in-depth study tour. It lasts 4 178/XNUMX hours and includes a tasty lunch if you choose the morning tour or champagne and appetizers if you take the afternoon tour. The cost of the ticket is XNUMX dollars.

THEAfter Dark Tour takes place during the evening hours. The duration is 2 and a half hours and the tour takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. The tour gives access to the most hidden parts of the studios, such as the exclusive Hollywood Cemetery. The ticket also includes champagne with various delights. The cost of the ticket is 99 dollars.

Hours and days of opening

The classic studio tour (the Studio Tour) runs from Monday to Friday. You can choose between 4 times: in the morning at 10:00 and at 11:00 and in the afternoon at 13:00 and at 14:00. It is advisable to arrive at least half an hour earlier and bring a valid identification document.

For the Vip Tour and the After Dark Tour, check the days and times of the event on the official website.

Ticket prices

The cost of Studio Tour and of 58 $ per person, taxes and charges included

The cost of Vip Tour and of 178 $ per person with parking and lunch or champagne included

The cost ofAfter Dark Tour and of 99 $ per person with parking and champagne included

How to reach us

The studio is easily accessible by public transport. From the Walk of Fame you need to take two buses and the journey time to get there is about half an hour.

Address: Paramount Studios Tour – 5555 Melrose Ave – Los Angeles, CA 90038

Official web site:


Il Paramount Studios a Los Angeles
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