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Zanzibar Tanzania holidays, useful tips for your holidays.

for Christmas holidays we leave forAfrica goal Zanzibar (Tanzania) from Malpensa with Eurofly flight, business class, very comfortable seats and very kind staff.

On the plane we had dinner, saw a movie and eventually slept.

The flight takes about eight hours, and we finally arrive Zanzibar.

Zanzibar guide, useful tips and information

In terra d’Africa it is very hot, and in fact we suffer a lot while waiting for the luggage, but as soon as we get on the van we begin to feel better with the air conditioning and in no time we arrive at ours village booked on the internet.

They accompany us to our room, very spacious, with a very large double bed with mosquito net, another single bed always with mosquito net, two wardrobes, a mini bar, safe, a desk and a large basket of good fruit as a welcome.

Immediately you go in beach, the sand is very white and very fine.

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There is low tide and the landscape is a true paradise with beautiful natural pools of crystal clear water.

Lunch is served to us at 13.00, after having assigned our table which will remain the same for the entire stay.

While at 17.00 pm every day at the pool bar there is entertainment with tea and biscuits.

I would say their spiced tea is really good.

While at 22.00, after having dinner, there is the usual breefing of the village chief for all the various explanations.

Every evening we witnessed a different show, then the animation organizes games of all kinds that are very funny and some evenings on the pier there was a screening of a film.

A Zanzibar it's all spectacular.

What to do in Zanzibar excursions

Regarding excursions, we have decided to do the following:

Definitely not to be missed Stone Town where we visited the fish, meat, fruit market, we also made a trip to the former sultan's palace, To Anglican church and then we went around the city between the alleys and the various shops.

Another excursion to do is the small village of fishermen where the village chief let us into his house made of mud and dung, very suggestive.

Around the small village there were many children to whom we gave pencils, clothing and sweets as gifts.

We were also able to peek at their small carpentry shops, where there are local carpenters who carve large wooden doors, especially red mahogany, by hand with considerable skill.

Finally we came across a real spice plantation where we found ginger, red bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg, henna and our companion really enjoyed making us guess the scent of the various plants.

Another nice excursion was the one carried out at the Foresta Jozani where we had the opportunity to meet up close the nice red monkeys with red fur on their backs that live only in this forest.

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The last day, however, we spent doing the safari blu aboard their boat on Dhow.

They took us to the tongues of sand that form when there is low tide, and we practically dedicated the whole day to the sea and snorkeling having lunch on the beach a basis of Lobsters, shrimps and other fish all caught and cooked in the grid at the moment. (a tip ask to immediately see the famous baobab which is 5 minutes from the beach to avoid queues as happened to us).

We thus spent a beautiful and unforgettable holiday.

Unfortunately, when the day of departure arrives, we already begin to feel an emptiness inside.

Happy holidays to all.

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