Granada - Seville tips

Granada and Seville are two of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Spain and, thanks to the close proximity, they can both be visited thanks to ad hoc organized tours.

  • Granda - Seville: distance
  • 5 days tour Granada and Seville: what to see and attractions
  • Visit Granada in 2 days: what to see
  • Visit Seville in 2 days: main places of interest
  • Granada and Seville: pictures and photos

Granda - Seville: distance

Seville e Granada are some of the most famous, important and captivating cities of the Spain and, without a doubt, they are the flagship of the Region of Andalusia.

Thanks to the close proximity, about 214 kilometers away, these two beautiful cities are easily accessible by car, train or bus and are also easily visited thanks to tour organized ad hoc.

5 days tour Granada and Seville: what to see and attractions

We assume that 7 days are very few to discover the attractions historical of Granada e Seville also because the time available is not only dedicated exclusively to historical monuments as the customs, the cuisine and the traditions of Andalusia are truly incredible (obviously, calculate a whole day for the trip and the various movements).

Let's see now what to see in Granada and Seville during a 7 days tour.

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Visit Granada in 2 days: what to see

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the City of Granada it is famous all over the world for its marvelous medieval monuments which date back to the period of Arab domination.

THEAlhambra it is an extraordinary palace complex or rather an incredible walled city that represents one of the most important symbols of Muslim rule and can only be part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This wonderful, extraordinary and mighty palace-fortress has a unique medieval architecture and is one of the most important monuments of theAndalusia and Spain.

La Cattedrale di Granata (Cathedral of the Incarnation) it is one of the most beautiful and important Renaissance buildings in the whole Spain and was founded in 1492.

The beautiful facade of this amazing religious building has a very precious Baroque architecture and its interior is a real wonder.

Right in front of the Granada Cathedral it is impossible not to visit the Royal Chapel which houses the remains of the kings Ferdinand and Isabella.

Inside are also kept the silver crown, Isabella's scepter and Ferdinand's sword and a sort of museum where personal works of art of the sovereigns are exhibited and the most important are the Oration in the 'Orto del Botticelli, the Cristo Re by Perugino and some uncertain Flemish paintings.

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Un 2 day tour of Granada can only end within the wonders of Albayzin neighborhood, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, of course.

Il Albayzin neighborhood is one of the authentic places where you can discover the uses and traditions of this magnificent city and houses historical monuments of inestimable value and the most important of all is the Church of San Salvador which was built during the XNUMXth century.

Visit Seville in 2 days: main places of interest

La City of Seville it is the wonderful, amazing and magnificent capital of the Region of Andalusia, and is famous all over the world for the "Flamenco".

Un 2 days tour of Seville it can only start from the majestic and imposing Cathedral which is the third largest Christian building in the world.

La Seville Cathedral it presents itself with a more unique than rare Gothic-Renaissance architecture and given its size, its interior is truly impressive, even artistically and architecturally speaking.

Find yourself in front of the famous "Giralda", the bell tower of the Cathedral 96 meters high, trust me, is priceless.

I Royal Palaces of Seville (Reales Alcazares), present themselves to visitors with a very elegant grandeur and blend precious styles ranging from the Islamic to the neoclassical period.

The ancient Arab fortress, theAlcazar, it is a real marvel, it presents itself with a Mudejar architecture to say the least magnificent and its gardens are a real charm.

even the Palazzo Carlos V it holds a historical heritage of inestimable value.

Spain Square it is an architectural marvel unique in the world and was built in 1929 on the occasion of the Ibero-American Exposition.

This beautiful square, decorated with precious marbles, bricks and ceramics, presents itself to visitors with a very particular semicircular shape that recalls the embrace of Spain to the new colonies.

Also an 2 days tour of Seville can only end in one of the most characteristic and singular neighborhoods of the city, we are talking about Triana neighborhood.

The truly incredible thing about this neighborhood is that ancient and modern coexist harmoniously here and shopping, perhaps buying precious ceramics, is a must.

Il Triana neighborhood it is located on the west bank of the Guadalquivir River and its riverfront is home to a myriad of bar e restaurants where to have an aperitif or where to taste succulent piatti typicali.

Granada and Seville: pictures and photos

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