Getting around by car in Ibiza, rental tips

Car rental in Ibiza, tips for picking up a car in the Balearic Islands, where to book and why to extend the insurance at the time of collection, more tips for those traveling with children in the post.

There are some cities in the world, even in Europe, where hiring a car is not essential. Ibiza it is not one of them. In Ibiza there are many activities to do, you move from one cove to another, you go to lunch by the sea, you go back inland for a walk in one of the typical places and finally you go out in the evening.

Getting around by car in Ibiza, rental tips

Getting around by car in Ibiza, rental tips

Move by public transport To Ibiza it is not feasible, that's why during my trip to the Balearic island, I preferred to rent a car with Auto europe.
To travel comfortably we preferred a small suv, also because there had to be two suitcases, a stroller and a car seat that I had brought from home, boarding it with Ryanair.

For those traveling with children

Those traveling by plane with children abroad must provide a car seat to rent together with the car, or to take with them on the plane. Personally I preferred to take it with me on the plane, first of all because renting it on site cost about € 15 a day, but above all because the company I flew with, it allowed me to carry it without additional costs.

I flew with Ryanair, the Irish low cost company, which in addition to making me carry the stroller (two pieces) allowed me to ship the seat car at no extra cost. An excellent service that I highly recommend to those traveling with small children, because it avoids additional costs and gives the possibility to bring along their own car seat with which they may already be comfortable.

Getting around by car in Ibiza, rental tips

Collect the car, what you need

Once I arrived at the Ibiza airport, I immediately headed to the counter Thrifty, below Hertz. From there it was all very simple, because clearly explained by a kind employee. The car was parked just outside the airport and getting there was very easy thanks to its directions.

The really important thing that is required when booking a rental car is to give one valid credit card, which must be the credit card of the car driver. If you don't have it, so to speak, you cannot give another person's credit card and then drive yourself on the road. This is very important, so once you arrive they may not let you pick up the car. The credit card is used as a guarantee, so you will be blocked, temporarily and until the return of the machine, a figure that changes from company to company, in this case 200 €.

Getting around by car in Ibiza, rental tips
Getting around by car in Ibiza, rental tips

I recommend more

The extra advice is to do full coverage, so aextension of insurance coverage that you can never do online, but only once you get there. What is it for, you ask? To be totally covered, from whatever happens to you. Absurdly, if during the trip, while you have parked the car and you are not around, someone gives it an obvious blow without you being able to see the culprit, you will not have any costs charged. This insurance covers everything. It usually costs a bit high, in this case we paid for it about 100 €, but it is something that I highly recommend to everyone and that I personally always do, because it avoids problems and makes the holiday more peaceful.

Return the car, what not to forget

When returning the car, there is one very important thing that you must not forget: full.
The car is given to you with a full tank and must be returned with the same level of petrol, for most companies.
In my specific case, for example, the cost of the full tank would have been deducted plus a few euros more for the disturbance of the service, from your amount that they had left as a deposit on collection. Usually it is never a low figure or in any case it is never the same as the full figure, so it is always better to deliver the car as per contract.
As I said, this with regards to my agreement and most of the companies, however, I advise you to always read the agreements carefully and thoroughly so as not to run into nasty surprises.

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