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Five places to eat well, characteristic and low cost in Jerusalem. Tried for you these places will lead you to discover the city also from a culinary point of view.

Jerusalem it is a unique city. And not only from a religious point of view, as the cradle of the three monotheistic religions, but also from a secular point of view due to the particular and unrepeatable atmosphere that one breathes there.

It is perhaps not a city of fun and events like Tel Aviv is, but it is still culturally very interesting and full of events not to be missed: just live it and follow the various currents that run through it at different times of the day or week. .

Also from the point of view of the Catering it is not bad at all and a source of pleasant discoveries, since next to the market stalls or the 'chickpea holes'where you can eat excellent falafel with humus and labna, there is also a great choice between restaurants and cafes. We offer you five.

Bolinat cafe bar

Very central, located on a side of the well-known Ben Yehuda, the Bolinat is a coffee barvery informal atmosphere. Always full of young people, it is ideal for making a brunch, But also a appetizer, especially on Shabbath when all the rest of the city stops while here you can have a hearty breakfast of Israeli salad, eggs, cheese, olives, hot bread, butter and jam, all accompanied by a cold drink and a hot one.


Tables and chairs are unmatched, the only cutlery all the same make a fine show of themselves in the central chandelier, it is not always very clean: if you are picky this place is not for you, but if you love easy atmospheres party between friends and soups even in summer you have to try it because at Hamarakia you feel good and eat discreetly and spend the right amount. On the blackboard at the entrance you will find the soups of the day and any concerts of the week. Closed on Shabbath.

Tmol Shilshom

It's not easy to find Tmol Shilshom coffee because it is found inside a courtyard, but once you find it you'll love it. The wooden tables, the small balcony and the terrace, the bookcases full of books in different languages ​​that each user can read or borrow, make the atmosphere of this café very pleasant. It is possible to make a real meal or an aperitif by nibbling the bread with sauces or enjoying a shashuka. Open from Sunday to Thursday.


If you want to try the Sephardic cuisine the Barood might be the place. If time permits, eat in the courtyard at the entrance of the restaurant: compared to Jaffa street it seems to be in another world. Taste the eggplant meatballs, rice rolls in vine leaves or dare a osso buco ... even if you will get a shin! In the evening there is almost always live music. Closed on Sundays; Friday and Saturday also open for lunch.

Armenian tavern

Jerusalem is divided into three parts: the Jewish part, the Arab part and the old city. Inside the old Town it is in turn divided into four parts: Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian. In the latter sector, at the end of a flight of stairs leading to a basement, there is the Armenian tavern. With your eyes, enjoy the ceramics and magnificent Armenian jewels, then taste the meat and enjoy the truly special atmosphere. Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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