Denver, what to see

A city with a really interesting history: here's what not to miss in the One mile city, between culture and green areas.

Denver, from the curious nickname "One mile city”, Due to the fact that it is located on a plateau of 1600 meters, is located behind the mythical Rocky Mountains.
And the capital of Colorado, whose name is already a whole program, but not only. Like Wyoming, the shape of this state is perfectly rectangular.

Denver, what to see

The history of Denver

The history of Denver begins with the Gold Rush, the 1800s gold rush to the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast. At that time, it arose like frontier town, with gambling dens, hotels, and shops supplying miners or selling land and livestock to those who wanted to stay.

Even today, his centralized location, in the United States, makes it a suitable place for sorting goods and services in neighboring states. A large number of people who work in government offices live here, not to mention the numerous technology companies in the area.

Denver has a grid of streets that cross in a checkerboard pattern, and is divided into neighborhoods interspersed with numerous parks and gardens. The architectures of its buildings vary according to whether they are residential neighborhoods or business centers, with XNUMXth century exposed brick houses or glittering skyscrapers and large modern buildings.

The main attractions to visit

1. Civic Center Park

A large park located in south of Downtown of skyscrapers. This is a green oasis where you can stroll and relax in the midst of flowery meadows, fountains, statues and a Greek amphitheater, where shows are held. But the park itself is the ideal location for concerts, festivals and major events that characterize the cultural life of the city.

2. Colorado State Building

It is the state capitol, recognizable by the golden dome, which symbolizes the gold rush and gave birth to this city. However its forms are reminiscent Capitol Hill in Washington. Inside this majestic palace, pink marble and golden woods are the masters. The spectacular central rotunda offers views of the interior dome, while the walls are frescoed with scenes from the American and Native American epics. On the mezzanine floor there is also the gallery of the presidents with their portraits.

3. Denver Art Museum

A modern structure that houses the modern museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind, with sloping roofs and acute angles. Among the various collections, that of the American Indians is truly spectacular and rich, all accompanied by contemporary installations.

4. City Park

One of the largest green areas in Denver, suitable for long walks through paths with lake views, and cycle paths. Within this area are also found denver zoo and the great Museum of Natural History, with sections dealing with Colorado's natural history.

Scenes from City Park.
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5. Botanical Gardens

They are part of the Cheesman Park and boast seven thematic areas, with many plant species from North America. The Japanese garden, like everywhere, is spectacular.

6. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

In Neo-Gothic style with two large spiers and a historiated rose window. While inside, many parts were made with Carrara marble, such as the altar and the statues.

7. Downtown of Denver

With sparkling skyscrapers among which to walk with your nose up, and admire the clouds that are reflected on their windows.

8. Larimer Square

Located amidst Victorian buildings in the historic district of Denver. It is a pleasant area to stroll especially in the evening when it is illuminated with colored lights and to find restaurants to suit all tastes. Right here, in fact, every year, in September, a big one is held Beer Festival, Oktoberfest style.

Denver, what to see

9. Colorado Convention Center

It is a huge congress center, where the nice sculpture "I see what you mean”, Of a giant blue bear, is leaning against the window, attracting onlookers and tourists who want to be photographed in his company.

Denver, what to see

10. Union Station

The original beax-arts-style train station, full of trendy clubs and with a bright sign outside with western references. The 16th street, the shopping and restaurant street, a long tree-lined avenue, with fountains and performances by street artists, starts right in front of this building.

11. Broncos Stadium

For fans of American football it is the ideal place to go, however other events and concerts are held in this stadium.

12. Coors Field

Instead, it is the baseball stadium. A curiosity concerns the seats in the 20th row that mark the exact height of the mile, the altitude above sea level, which gives Denver its nickname.

If all this were not enough, to complete the visit of this splendid city, just go 25 km from the center to find a natural wonder, in which the famous Red Rock Amphitheather, which has hosted, and continues to do so, concerts and memorable performances by international stars.

It was dug out of the reddish sandstone, which becomes even more incandescent in the light of the sunset. This alone can satisfy every expectation and leave an indelible memory of Denver, la city ​​of the mile.

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