Christmas markets in Mainz, a tradition since 1788

The Mainz Christmas Markets are part of a tradition that began in 1788, making them one of the most important Christmas markets in Germany, if only one of the oldest, which is why a visit to Mainz in December is worthwhile.

Every end of November i Christmas markets di Mainz, the most famous winter markets of all Germany. Mainz Markets are a tradition launched in 1788 and which today sees thousands of visitors attracted by the craftsmanship and typical flavors of Mainz (Mainz).

Germany is undoubtedly a great country to visit and get lost among the many Christmas Markets. Among all, i Mainz Christmas Markets, are the oldest and also the most characteristic. Here you can breathe a truly enchanting air and the magic of Christmas can be breathed everywhere, in the street, in the shop windows decorated with bright colors and red balls, but you can also breathe in the clubs, cafes and restaurants with the delicious smells of soups and hot chocolate for snack.

If you want to visit the Mainz Christmas Markets, also called Mainz, remember to dress well and to cover every inch of your body with wool or thermal clothes. In fact, the period from late November to late January can be very cold in Germany and there is nothing worse than visiting the stalls that are outdoors feeling cold without the possibility of being able to warm up.

A stone's throw from Frankfurt, between the Rhine and the Main rivers, the German town of Mainz, with its medieval flavor, prepares itself every year between the end of November and the end of December to welcome tourists from the markets. Numerous events during the Advent period. In front of the millenary basilica of Saint Martin walk, the large square has turned into a meeting place of handicraft e gastronomic specialtiesand Christmas: from straw carvers to almond and gingerbread cakes, through ceramics and wooden objects.

But that's not all. How to forget to visit the Hand carved nativity scene with life-size figurines? If you visit Mainz, also, take a few minutes in front of the big one Christmas wooden pyramid: sculptures of great personalities from Mainz history are carved here.

Mainz tourism is booming. For this reason, the German town did not miss anything: alongside the markets, cribs and tastings, a series of concerts they will brighten the Advent season. For more information, please contact the Mainz Tourist Office in the Brückenturm next to the municipality or visit the tourist portal dedicated to the city.

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