Brooklyn Bridge New York: how to cross and visit the bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is without a doubt the most famous and loved bridge of those in New York, and one of the main attractions of the cities, being currently an emblem of the Big Apple. The bridge it crosses the East River and joins the borough of Manhattan to that of Brooklyn.

Built between 1870 and 1883, at the time of its inauguration it was the largest suspension bridge in the world, with a length of 1825 meters and with a light between the pillars of 486 meters. It was also the first suspended with steel cables. Over time it has become one of the most recognizable and photographed symbols of the entire city of New York.

It is an emblem of nineteenth-century engineering for the innovative use of steel as a large-scale construction material. It is so well built that it is still in use today. The figure of the bridge is used in skyline photographs to represent the city of New York.

The bridge today has not only an aesthetic and tourist function, but also of extreme importance for traffic from New York. The bridge consists of six lanes, three in each direction, with a higher level being used for the pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Over 150.000 vehicles pass through it every day.

How to visit the Brooklyn Bridge

It is recommended that you start your visit in Brooklyn and cross the bridge in the direction of Manhattan, so that as you cross it you can admire the skyline of Manhattan. The length of the bridge is about 2 km, so it is advisable to have comfortable shoes.

Time if you go through it walking and of about 30 minutes, which can get a little longer if you stop to take photos of the bridge and the Manhattan skyline. It can also be crossed by bike in about 5-10 minutes.

Since 1980 this bridge every evening it is illuminated by thousands of lights which also give them a romantic look. If you cross it at night there is a particular charm also given by the illuminated skyscrapers of Manhattan. Even during the day, the visit has its charm and the views are equally spectacular.

You don't pay an entrance fee, the crossing of the bridge is free. You just have to choose whether to visit it and cross it during the day or at night, or both times. On the other hand, the Brooklyn Bridge remains a world icon and a symbol of New York, as well as one of the main attractions of the city.

Brooklyn Bridge New York: how to cross and visit the bridge
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