Barcelona in December

Barcelona in December

It is among the European cities the most sought-after destination for millions of tourists a year and the merit is certainly not only of the beauties present in the area but also of its remarkable organization and that cosmopolitan air that is the envy of a capital.

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Barcelona is in fact a splendid destination for those who love to travel at any time of the year thanks to the possibility of being able to take advantage of many attractions that we could concentrate on various levels from cultural to seaside tourism, from shopping to sports.

Yes why Barcelona it is definitely a lively city, full of possibilities and places to admire at any time of the day, thus allowing you to return home with a wealth of experiences.

When we chose Barcelona what had certainly attracted my attention was the possibility of being able to combine different aspects that are different from classic tourism.

The city in fact offers several possibilities almost spoiled for choice for those who go there for the first time, a city full of culture with its many museums and sites of extraordinary importance and beauty it presents at the same time a movida rather lively, good food and also very wide opportunities to do good Shopping, both low cost and big names without forgetting it too sports; this is Barcelona.

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Barcelona in December

In my opinion, a perfect destination not only for young people who are able above all to perfectly meet all the needs of the tourist who, when he arrives in this welcoming city, wants to live a 360 ° experience.

What impressed me from the first moments we arrived on Barcelona's soil is the extraordinary welcome of the local population, the Spaniards are very similar to us Spaniards and thus allow us to feel at ease even without knowing Catalan fluently.

Returning to the trip, the personal advice I can give you is certainly of do not choose the weekend formula especially if you have not already been in the city and the reason is that there are so many things to see and emotions to experience that 2 days are absolutely not enough.

We have been there 4 days in the first week of December and I assure you that it is this period, even for Christmas holidays, it is highly recommended because you will experience the city with an even more magical flavor.

Starting from Naples as regards the flight you have two choices, our national airline Alitalia aware of the absence of direct flights so the choice of changes is Rome or Milan or book your flight online with Vueling, the direct flight with a low cost airline.

Barcelona in December

However, our choice was certainly preferred for the second one both for direct flights and for the opportunity to find lower prices Alitalia as we have found a very convenient package flight + hotel and the possibility of choosing the departure time that is most convenient for us.

Experience with Alitalia was good, excellent service both on the ground and on board with friendly and very helpful staff, call me crazy but I loved the biscuits you need during the flight.

Leaving aside just a little the inconvenience of having to carry out due check-in the journey is still pleasant and the flight hours go by very quickly, once you arrive at your destination it will certainly enchant you already El Prat airport not only for its very modern structure but also for their super organization which cannot even be compared to an Italian one.

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Arrived at the airport everything is very convenient while you walk to go to the baggage claim you can take advantage of the refreshment points present or take a tour in the numerous shops, and at the exit to reach the center, the Shuttle Service where with about 5 euros you can get the Aerobus which in a few minutes, about 10-15, will take you to the focal point of the city Plaça Catalunya.

Barcelona in December

For those who cannot find their way around, the information point located in the square is recommended, they also speak Italian there and will be able to show you how to reach your accommodation and also how to use the subway and buy tickets already there for not only public transport but also for museums, historic houses parks and many other attractions.

It should be emphasized that orient yourself in the city it is not very difficult indeed it is enough to walk for a few hours and you can already find your reference points in fact it only takes one day to avoid feeling that sense of disorientation typical of tourists in a new and big city.

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