Atlantic City guide

Atlantic City guide

Atlantic City is an American tourist resort overlooking the Atlantic Ocean very similar to Vegas. The city attracts many tourists, single and single, retirees and families looking for a sweet escape from the classic everyday life.

People visit AC for discos and casinos present in the most glamorous hotels such as the Borgata. Atlantic City is famous for its wide waterfront, called The Boardwalk, built more than a century ago by local entrepreneurs who wanted to prevent sand from entering their premises.

Its streets are familiar to anyone who has ever played Monopoly, but fans of the most important board game are not the only ones who want to take a stroll along its waterfront. The city beaches and the famous boardwalk made of wood have been attracting visitors for more than a century.

Even though many visitors only come to the casinos today, Atlantic City is more than just a gambler's location. The city remains one of the most legendary vacation spots in the United States.

When to visit Atlantic City

THEsummer It is the peak time for travel and vacations in Atlantic City, the weather is warm and it is the best time to go to the beach. During the cold period and in winter, the waterfront is much less crowded and hotel prices are much cheaper. The best time to visit AC is from March to May, with little humidity, a good amount of sun and pleasant temperatures.

Things to do and see in Atlantic City

- Gambling at the Borgata Casino
- Walk on the The Boardwalk
- Watch a show at the House of Blues
- Lucy the Margate Elephant, a beachfront mascot built in 1881
- The steel pier of the Trump Taj Mahal
- Visit to the most popular club, lo Stop Comedy


Atlantic City eats Las Vegas has a excellent value for money on hotels and lodges. Like the city of Nevada, prices are lower than in other American cities because the hotels recover part of the profits from the various slot machines scattered around the hotel. They are also present in the bathrooms and elevators.

Atlantic City resta the capital of entertainment of the American east coast, and is the most famous resort in New Jersey.

Atlantic City guide
Aerial panorama of Atlantic City along the boardwalk at dusk. In the 1980s, Atlantic City achieved nationwide attention as a gambling resort and currently has nine large casinos.
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