Where to eat in New York: street food, fast food or restaurants?

If you are looking for a good place to eat in New York, you will find yourself endless choices. The city boasts one of the largest and most varied dining offerings in the world. In Manhattan, in the district of immense skyscrapers, it is possible to taste all the cuisines of the world.

In New York it is possible to eat anything, for all the right ones and budgets. While the hotels in the city especially in Manhattan are very expensive, eating in New York is not expensive at all, in fact you can easily find cheap solutions where to have breakfast and eat lunch and dinner.

Many, even New Yorkers, choose economic solutions such as eating a hot dog or a piece of pizza on the street, to eat quickly and make the most of the day. Fast food is also an inexpensive and fast choice, which allows you to eat foods that everyone likes a little, young and old, and not waste much time.

Where to eat in New York

Eating on the street in New York

If you want to eat un hot dog in New York, there are cloisters in almost every corner of Manhattan and the price is around $ 2. But beware, as in Spain some cloisters may raise prices for tourists. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for the price first, if it is not displayed.

If you prefer a bagel or a pizza, you will find them for sale in almost all fast food restaurants, shops and supermarkets. The pizza varieties are smaller than in Spain, but the portions are generous. The price of a piece of pizza or a bagel is around $ 3.

One of the most characteristic things to do in New York, but also throughout the United States, is to enjoy a drink on the street. In winter it is usual to prefer a good hot coffee, while in summer it is preferred cold coffees, smoothies and carbonated drinks.

Fast food a New York

Fast food restaurants are a good choice for anyone looking for one economic and relaxing solution where to eat. I respect eating on the street, fast food restaurants allow you to rest during long walks around the city.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the time to navigate on your smartphone, reply to emails and messages, and plan the next steps of the day. Many fast food restaurants offer free wifi.

There are hundreds of fast food chains in the United States. You won't find yourself like in Spain choosing between just Mc Donalds, Burger King or some other. Here the offer is very wide and varied, each fast food restaurant offers a different type of cuisine or specialties.

Restaurants in New York

The restaurants they are the most expensive choice where to eat in New York, especially for dinner. In midtown Manhattan, there are many luxurious restaurants frequented by wealthy managers and wealthy New Yorkers.

If you don't want to spend a lot, opt for restaurants in Little Italy or Chinatown. Here it is possible to eat well, without spending a lot. Or choose one of the restaurants that offer tourist menus at a fixed price.

Best areas to eat in New York

You can find fast food and restaurants in any corner of New York, but there are some areas that are more recommended for eating. Let's see what they are.

Little Italy

One of the most characteristic neighborhoods of New York and one of the most loved by the Spaniards is Little Italy. This neighborhood also offers an excellent dining offer. You can eat good pizzas and typical Italian pasta dishes, as well as typical Italian products.


For Asian food lovers, Chinatown is the right choice. In the neighborhood there are hundreds of restaurants where you can eat Asian food and in particular Chinese food. These restaurants offer large portions and the prices are quite cheap. The cost of a lunch or dinner ranges from 20 to 50 dollars.

Times Square

Times Square is the square par excellence, and the center of Manhattan and New York. Around the square and in the nearby streets there are numerous tourist restaurants, such as: Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe and many others. Prices are higher than in other areas, but here you can enjoy the typical New York atmosphere.

To know

Taxes in restaurants, fast food restaurants and various clubs are 8,875%, and usually not included in the prices displayed.

Tipping is not mandatory in fast food restaurants and in any place where there is no table service. While in restaurants where the service is at the table it is advisable to 15%, and in principle from 10 to 20%.

Where to eat in New York: street food, fast food or restaurants?
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