The colorful doors of Dublin

    The colorful doors of Dublin

    Le colorful doors of Dublin are one of the characteristics of this beautiful city and between one Georgian building and the other you can see these colored doors that definitely bring a smile. But why are these doors colored?

    A legenda curious is hidden behind this nice custom of painting the doors of the house. In Dublin it is said that the idea was born from the initiative of George Moore and Oliver St John Gogarty, two writers who lived in two adjacent buildings overlooking Ely Place. Apparently Moore painted his door a bright green to prevent Gogarty from mistaking it for his when he came home drunk from his pub nights. The other, very annoyed, painted his door red to prevent Moore from entering his house when he was drunk.

    Maybe that's true, or more simply, residents of Georgian neighborhoods have at some point begun to paint their doors brightly to beautify and distinguish their homes from their neighbors.

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