The Annual Pass, the card to visit the American national parks

The Annual Pass or park card is a pass that allows you to visit the various parks for a year National Parks and more than 2.000 Federal Recreational Lands Pass Series.

Each tile It includes entry to national parks and national wildlife refuges, as well as national forests and grasslands, and land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation and US Army Corps of Engineers.

If your trip or tour includes visiting various national parks on the West Coast of the United States, purchasing the Annual Pass is definitely a good choice. The cost of the pass is $ 80 and is already recovered when visiting the third park.

La validity of the card is for one year, so if you make a second trip to the USA during the year the card is valid, you can always reuse it. Or you can give it to your friend or relative, the pass can be in the name of 2 people who will put their signatures on the back of the card

Where to buy the Annual Pass?

There are 3 ways to buy or obtain the Annual Pass, the card that allows you to visit the various American national parks. You can buy it when you arrive in the USA, you can buy it online, or by transfer.

In the USA

If you want to buy the card in the US, your best bet is to buy it at the entrance to the first national park you visit. The payment of the card can be done in contacts or by card. An identification document will be required. Upon delivery, the signature will be placed in the first space dedicated to signatures.


The Annual Pass can be purchased online, via the website Viator. The cost is around 72 euros and includes: the America the Beautiful annual pass, a plastic tag to hang the card in the car and a brochure. Shipping is free, but currently only in the US.

Attention lately the card is only sent to addresses in the USA. If you buy the card and enter an address, your order will be canceled and you will receive a refund later. We will update you if shipping to Spain is also resumed.


How to make an online purchase

On the first page of the Viator website you will need to enter the travel date and the number of adults. By number of adults, Viator refers to the number of cards you want to purchase.

A card allows access to the park for one driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle for the vehicle's fee areas, or up to four adults at sites where payment is per person.

So normally if you are traveling alone, as a couple or with a family, just buy a card. If you are traveling with a group of friends with several cars, you will need to purchase a card for each car.

When purchasing the card don't forget to write the shipping address in the additional notes, under the heading Special Requirements. Remember that cards are currently only shipped to addresses in the US.

Even though Viator sells the Pass in the tours section for Everglades National Park, Florida, it doesn't mean that the card is valid only for this park or that it must be validated here. The card it is in effect a normal America The Beautiful pass and therefore it applies to all parks indicated here.

Buy the pass on Viator


* The link does not always work from smartphones, but if you make the purchase from your computer you will have no problems.

In Spain

At the moment the only way to buy the American parks card in Spain is by transferring it from someone who has already bought and used it. To use it, simply put your signature on the second free box dedicated to signatures. Always check the expiry date of the card.

How much does the Annual Pass cost?

The price of the Annual Pass is dollars 80 (about 72 euros). It covers the entry of a single non-commercial private vehicle and all its passengers (up to a maximum of 14 passengers), or the entry of the pass owner and three accompanying adults over 16 years of age, in those parks where it is per-person fee is required.

Validity of the Annual Pass

      • The Annual Pass is valid for 12 months starting from the month of purchase, expiring on the last day of that month of the following year.
      • The card allows entry to US national parks and more than 2.000 recreational areas managed by five federal agencies. There are some exceptions such as Monument Valley or Antelope Canyon natural sites, which are part of the Navajo Nation Reservation, which do not accept the Annual Pass.
      • The pass is valid for the owner and his car and a maximum of 3 other adults on board. Children aged 15 and under are admitted free of charge.
      • The park card can be registered to 2 owners, each of which will put their own signature.
      • If you travel by motorbike, the annual pass includes access to two motorcycles and their passengers as long as they show up at the same time as they enter the park.
      • If you want to visit the park in bike, normally the pass is valid for the owner and 3 other friends on bikes.

    Is it worth buying the Annual Pass?

    To consider and evaluate whether it is convenient to purchase the card or pay for individual park entrances, we publish the prices of some of the most important national parks in the western United States, updated to 2019. Find out all the prices here

    The prices refer to the entrance fee for a car with a maximum of 4 adults on board. We always remember that children aged 15 and under are admitted free of charge.

    - National park of Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon National Park): 30$

    - Death Valley (Death Valley National Park): 25$

    - National park of Yellowstone (Yellowstone National Park): 30$

    - National park of Yosemite (Yosemite National Park): 30$

    - National park of Bryce Canyon (Bryce Canyon National Park): 30$

    - National park of Sequoia (Sequoia National Park): 30$

    - National park of Zion (Zion National Park): 30$

    - National park of Arches (Arches National Park): 25$

The Annual Pass, the card to visit the American national parks
Yellowstone, Grand Prismatic – Yellowstone National Park –
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