Los Angeles, what to see in one day

Los Angeles in one day, what to see in California in one day between Beverly Hills, Downtown, Hollywood and Santa Monica. What not to miss and what not to see absolutely, all in the post.

Ah Los Angeles, what a dream! The most coveted Californian destination where everything is possible, the city of American TV series, immense beaches, palm trees, the ocean, the sun, in short, the place that we all would like to see even once in our life.

Los Angeles, what to see in one day

I've been to Los Angeles twice and I'd like to go back again, to enjoy it more calmly and savor it to the full, also because there are so many things to do there!

Today I want to try to make you one drive fast of Los Angeles, in case it's just a stop on your tour in California.

These are, in my opinion, the things to see absolutely if you stop one day in this magnificent city.

Los Angeles, what to see in one day

Los Angeles, what to see in one day


We are talking about the most famous area in the world, the heart of the American film industry, where many actors live.

It is located in the hilly area where the famous writing that is a bit the symbol of this district immediately catches the eye.

Definitely worth seeing Hollywood Boulevard, where you can find the Chinese Theater, the palace where the Oscar and in which there are fingerprints of famous people and the unmissable Walk of Fame, the famous sidewalk with tons of stars with the names of celebrities honored by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

If you only have one day you will never have time to see them Universal Studios, but we cannot fail to mention, together with Paramount and Walt Disney Studios. Very nice to see too the Observatory, Griffith Park e the Heritage Museum.

Los Angeles, what to see in one day

Los Angeles, what to see in one day

Beverly Hills

Do you want to go to Los Angeles and not go through this neighborhood ?? Impossible.

We are talking about Beverly Hills, the most exclusive neighborhood in the city, practically attached to Hollywood. Here you cannot get lost Rodeo Drive with its exclusive boutiques and the Sunset Boulevard with the most popular and trendy clubs. If you have a car, take a stroll around the hills to see the "villages", it's great fun and maybe you might meet someone!

Los Angeles, what to see in one day


This is the downtown Los Angeles where there are many offices and shops. Here you can find the beautiful Contemporary Arts Museum, The village which is the tourist area and the beautiful Spanish style church of Our Senora la Reina de Los Angeles.

Santa Monica

If, like me, you have watched a lot of American series and soaps, it is impossible that you have never seen a shot of a catwalk with an amusement park on it.

Here is the "symbol" of Santa Monica, most ancient pier for boats, where there is always this funfair and various fish restaurants.

This seaside town overlooks its marvelous bath, with its beautiful beach, famous for the show Baywatch. Another very nice spot in Santa Monica is there 3rd Promenade, pedestrian area with many street artists, clubs, shops and cinemas.

Los Angeles, what to see in one day

Los Angeles, what to see in one day

Venice Beach

Here's my favorite spot in LA, Venice Beach! It is a district of the city, located to the west. Fun, loud, weird, full of murals and colorful houses. The name takes its cue from Venice, because there are many artificial canals.

Here there are always a lot of people, partly because there are many tourists, partly because here there are various cycle paths and many outdoor gyms. Its beach is immense, truly an eye-catcher, definitely worth a visit.

Don't go there in the evening because it is really not recommended.

There would be more things to visit but let's say that, in my opinion, these are the main things to see and above all very fast and easy to reach.

I love this city, I would go back tomorrow! It is a must see, along with the beautiful California Coast. A trip to do, I guarantee you.

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