Features and prices of the MetroCard, to move by subway and bus in New York

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If you want to visit New York, the best choice for getting around the city is to use the urban public transport network. For each trip on various public transport you can do it one ticket at a time or buy the MetroCard, which allows the use of the subway or Metro and city buses with a single ticket.

Il price of a ticket one way in the New York subway is $ 3, while the cost of city buses is $ 6,50 each way. If you want to save on transport, you can use the MetroCard. This card offers the possibility of two types of use: by recharging it and paying for the various discounted rides or as a subscription.

If you use it in the Pay-per-Ride Metrocard, it can be used by the whole group or by the whole family. The initial cost is $ 1 and can be reloaded with amounts of $ 5,50. With this system the cost of the ride from $ 3 goes up to $ 2,62.

The MetroCard can also be purchased as a season ticket Unlimited Ride Metrocard for the use of public transport for a certain number of days. While your card is valid, you can make unlimited use of the city's metro and buses, with unlimited transfers.

Surely regardless of the number of days you dedicate to visiting New York, the Unlimited Ride Metrocard is the one that allows greater savings when traveling. The only negative is that it is not transferable, so each person in the group must make their own.

Very interesting, for example, is the purchase of the MetroCard for 7 days cost 30 $. This allows unlimited transport on subways and buses for one week. Given the very affordable cost, it can be a good solution even for fewer days of use.

The use ofauto a New York it is not recommended. So if you have already rented a car, it is advisable to park it in the designated areas or in the hotel car park and continue the visit by public transport.

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