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    5 best places to eat low cost in Salzburg

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    Eat well in Salzburg without breaking the bank. We are in Austria and we recommend 5 typical bars and restaurants where you can eat well and locally without spending a fortune.

    You know those people who, after a certain age, start all their speeches with "in my day ..." in a mixture of nostalgia and grumbling? Well, at the age of thirty I am like that. "In my day"Austria it was one of the most low cost European destinations. In particular, food and accommodation were very convenient, so much so that in the roaring 90s, it was one of the most popular destinations for families.

    Today, unfortunately, it is no longer that cheap travel to Austria, especially if you choose to spend your holidays in tourist cities like Salzburg.

    Salzburg is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in the country, in my opinion, as well as enormously rich in attractions and activities for all tastes. Unfortunately, however, it is also one of the most expensive, especially if you want to stay in the historic center. Fortunately for us gods lovers low cost travel, there are also several places where it is possible to eat without blowing our budget! These are my favorites.

    Cafe Wenger

    Right at the gates of Salzburg, behind the south exit of the motorway, you will find one of the most interesting places in the area. The Cafe Wenger it is not the usual place for tourists, on the contrary it is not very advertised and is mainly frequented by the inhabitants of the area, who meet there both to eat a slice of cake with a coffee in the middle of the afternoon, and to drink a draft beer after dinner. My favorite thing about Cafè Wenger is that she was able to perfectly marry a modern environment and captivating with the Austrian tradition della Stube, warm and welcoming. The menu is obviously not that of a restaurant, and the choice is therefore rather limited, but in its simplicity, the quality is really excellent.
    In short, if you want to spend little and eat quickly, it is the ideal place to stop for a couple of Frankfurters or for their Wenger Toast, a classic toast revisited with wholemeal bread and smoked ham, and served with various sauces and sweet peppers stuffed with fresh cheese.

    Raschhofer's Rossbräu

    Il Raschhofer's Rossbräu is the ideal solution when I spend a day of intensive shopping ateuro Park of Salzburg, a huge shopping center to say the least, the interiors of which were also curated by Massimiliano Fuksas. Usually, the problem of days in shopping malls abroad is the meal: you always end up eating in some international fast-food chain, or in some similar cafeteria. Since, for me, the gastronomic side is an integral part of the trip, it often seems to me to almost waste a cartridge, eating things that I could easily find close to home.
    Not so at Raschhofer's Rossbräu! Yes, it is one chain - albeit of very few restaurants - but it offers a menu based on typical Austrian and German dishes, such as the very good Weisswürst served with sweet mustard, and it has absolutely nothing to envy to the most homemade places. The decor is very nice and picturesque, and the prices are naturally competitive.

    Mozart Cafe

    As the name suggests, the Mozart Cafe is located a few steps from the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart, one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Salzburg. At first glance, it would seem a not very affordable place from an economic point of view, and indeed, the prices of the à la carte dishes, that is in the classic menu, are not exactly accessible, especially for a low cost holiday. Furthermore, I would be inclined to think that much of the price is due more to its location - indeed enviable. But we don't necessarily have to give it up. At lunchtime, the Mozart café offers the menu of the day at a price that varies from 8 to 10 euros, an excellent opportunity to taste the typical cuisine of Salzburg without having to faint.


    You want to try the classics Carinthian noodle? By far the nicest place to try the typical Austrian stuffed ravioli is Baustö, in the heart of Salzburg. The peculiarity of the restaurant, very cheerful and modern, is to allow customers to compose their own dish at will: in fact, you will be brought a menu printed on single sheets of paper that you can then fill in with your choices. The plate with three nudels costs 6.80 euros and you can choose from a dozen fillings, strictly homemade. Included in the price you will obviously have melted butter with chives (to which you can add extras for only 90 cents), and a side salad.

    Humboldt Stubn

    Located in the Linke Altstadt, theHumboldt Stubn is the typical Austrian restaurant, where you can try a huge number of traditional dishes, such as Goulasch with Spaetzle, the inevitable Wiener Schnitzel, or the delicious Steaktoast, a steak served on a slice of toast and garnished with chopped onion and pink sauce.
    To maximize savings, I recommend that you go there for lunch, when you can eat the second and the side dish of the day for less than 7 €, and maybe on Wednesdays: the Humboldt Stubn organizes the SchnitzelTag every week, or Wiener Schnitzel in profusion at about half the normal price.

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