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Capital of Scotland

Edinburgh and the Capital of Scotland and is located on the southern bank of the Firth of Forth and on the east coast of Scotland.

La city It is part of United Kingdom of England, stands on 7 hills and the historical part has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Edinburgh is one of Britain's most visited cities in fact it has more than 2,5 million tourists the year called to see this beautiful capital also thanks to the very famous Edinburgh Festival.

Edinburgh what to see

Edinburgh is a beautiful city with a troubled and mysterious past that will envelop you in an unusual, melancholy and romantic atmosphere.

It's elegance ed charming and it is the right place for photography enthusiasts as every shot will be magic.

Let's find out together what see and which are the major ones places of interest in Edinburgh:

Travel to Scotland: tips on what to see and what to do

Edinburgh Castle

Il Edinburgh Castle is one of the most famous of all Scotland and was built on a volcanic hill from the name Castle Hill from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and evocative views of the city.

This historic fortress it was built several times and the oldest part is St Margaret's Chapel whose construction dates back to the 1510th century while the Great Hall was built in XNUMX, the Half Moon Battery in the XNUMXth century and the Scottish National War Memorial was built immediately after the World War I.

St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh

La St. Giles Cathedral it was completely built in Gothic style and is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburg.

The origins of this beautiful cathedral date back to the twelfth century, it is considered to be the cradle of Scottish Presbyterianism and inside you can admire multicolored windows and the beautiful Thistle Chapel or the Chapel of the Thistle built in refined stones e wood in honor of the Knights of the Thistle.

Palace of Holyroodhouse Edinburgh

Residence in Scotland area of Queen Elizabeth, Holyroodhouse Palace it is located at the end of the Royal Mile (real kilometer) which is one medieval street composed of pebbles.

Inside you will be captivated by a gloomy and gloomy aspect as the palazzo in addition to numerous personal effects, it also holds unspeakable secrets dating back to Queen of Scots, Maria Stuarda.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Il Royal Botanic Garden and the Edinburgh's earthly paradise which is located in the northern part of the New Town.

Where to eat in Edinburgh

Inside you can admire thousands of plants many of which are exotic, the beautiful chinese garden and Scottish woodland where you will have close encounters with volpi e squirrels.

Scottish Parliament Edinburgh

Il Scottish Parliament of Holyrood is located at the foot of the Royal Mile inside a modern one structure composed by Granite, Oak tree e steel.

We recall that the seat of the old Parliament is currently occupied by the Edinburgh Courthouse.

Scotch Whisky Eritage Edimburgo

Lo Scotch Whisky Eritage Centre traces the 300-year history of the production of this very famous one liquor through audiovisual and tasting tours.

Cramond Edinburgh

Il Cramond village it is located directly on the sea and you can admire the new walls. built during the Second World War and, on low seas days, a path will lead you to an islet.

Calton Hill Edimburgo

Calton Hill it is the ideal place for all those who want to photograph Edinburgh as it stands on a hill and hosts the Nelson monument, National Monumet and the Disgrazia of Edinburgh or a 'acropolis never finished.

Edinburgh Writers Museum

Edinburgh was baptized byUnesco, as the city of literature in fact hosts a museum entirely dedicated to the three Scotland's most celebrated writers (Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson e Sir Walter Scott).

Mary King Close Edimburgo

Visit the Mary King Close means to do a journey into the bowels of Edinburgh about 25 meters below street level accompanied by guide dressed up with medieval costumes.

National Museum of Scotland Edimburgo

Il National Museum of Scotland is the right place for those interested in discovering and deepening the Scottish history, know the nature identity and science.

Water of Leith Edimburgo

Il Water of Laith is, in effect, a pedestrian and cycle path along the Edinburgh canal about 20 km starting from Balerno and reaches the sea through very characteristic villages.

Holyrood Park Edinburgh

Holyrood park it is a fantastic place nestled in the nature identity located on an area of ​​8 km in diameter to admire breathtaking landscapes.

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Edinburgh pictures

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