5 places to enjoy the foliage in Piedmont

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Five itineraries by bus or train to see the spectacle of foliage in Piedmont, here are the tips for an autumn trip to one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. From Turin to the Langhe, the itineraries are specially designed for those traveling with family and children or friends.

These are the last days, now, to admire the foliage, which in autumn softens the landscapes. In Turin and Piedmont you are spoiled for choice.

Along the banks of the rivers, in Turin

If you visit the city during this period, do not miss a walk in the large city parks, which are not only oases and green lungs, but also a beautiful opportunity to relax and, in these days, to show nature.

Along the banks of the Dora there are the Pellerina, one of the most loved parks by the Turinese, and the Dora Park, the first Italian post-industrial park, built where the large steel factories used to be: the foliage of the latter is very suggestive, because it mixes with the industrial traces left as a testimony of the past.

If you are in the mood for romance or, in any case, you do not want to miss a good show in the heart of the city, reach the Valentino Park, possibly towards sunset: you can admire not only the large trees of the Park, which change color with yellow and red almost transparent under the rays of the sun, but also the woods of the hill that are reflected in the pearly waters of the Po. Unforgettable!

The Langhe from the bus

The Langhe have also decided to take advantage of their sweet hilly landscapes, which these days are flamboyant, romantic and irresistible. What makes them special is not only the color of the vineyards and woods, but the presence of Snow-capped Alps, which close the horizons, creating a contrast of great beauty.

If you do not want to take the car, to fully enjoy the colors of the landscape, every Sunday in November, in conjunction with the Truffle Fair, the Langhe Roero Sightseeing buses depart from Alba: five different itineraries, recognizable by their colors (yellow line , red, purple, green, blue), which connect in a circular way well 44 Municipalities of Langhe and Roero (among them precious historic towns such as Cherasco, Guarene and Bra, and real wine capitals such as Barolo, La Morra, Monticello d'Alba).

Il ticket costs 15 euros, it is valid for the whole day and you can get on and off the buses as many times as you want: I have not found a better way to get around the Langhe without worries, enjoying the landscape, the autumn colors and the fantastic local flavors. Timetables and information on www.langheroerosightseeing.com.

The Park of the Castle of Pralormo

In Piedmont, the Castle of Pralormo (TO) is famous for Messer Tulipano, the event that opens its park in spring to show the colors and varieties of 90 thousand tulips, in a full calendar of events and meetings. In these last weeks of foliage, the Castle opens the Park extraordinarily, to let the public admire its autumn colors.

And in addition to the Park, the Castle will also be open, which retains the furnishings of the nineteenth century and gives an idea of ​​the lifestyle of the time; you can also admire the large ceramic and porcelain services with which guests were received and get lost in the large hall of honor, which is at full height (who knows the heating, at the time!) and which has a grandiose chandelier , as well as a beautiful floor with Venetian mosaics. The Pralormo Castle is easily reachable from both Turin and Alba, where the Truffle Fair is held throughout November, and is a curious stop for an unusual afternoon. www.castellodipralormo.com

In the park of the Miradolo Castle

A few km from Turin, in San Secondo di Pinerolo, there is the Castle of Miradolo, which, managed by the Cosso Foundation, offers numerous exhibitions (in this period, until the end of November, there is an exhibition dedicated to Pietro Porcinai, one of the greatest Italian landscape painters of the twentieth century, to stay on the subject).

Its park is part of its charm, because it preserves not only native species, but also many exotic trees, which contribute to the colors of this period. On weekends there are guided tours to admire the foliage, with curiosity about the changes that trees experience in this period; if you have children, there are also activities and workshops for them. Info www.fondazionecosso.it.

Vigezzina in the heart of the foliage

In northern Piedmont there is most beautiful panoramic railway in Italy Vigezzina-Centovalli, which connects Domodossola to Locarno, passing through delightful alpine villages and woods with warm autumn colors. You can take advantage of the Vigezzina no Limits ticket, which allows you to take trains freely for a certain period of time, as if it were a sort of underground in the Alpine valleys; in this way you can take the train, get off in the villages you intend to visit and then resume the journey, always with the same ticket. The landscapes are truly enchanting and constantly change, offering flaming woods, green pastures, glimpses of villages, up to Lake Maggiore.

It is an itinerary that has charm in every season, but in this period the foliage makes it truly magical. All information for Vigezzina timetables on www.vigezzinacentovalli.com.

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