San Faustino and the single party, what to do

    We all know each other Valentine's day and the patron saint of lovers, but in those who know instead San Faustino. The recurrence is the 15 February and to celebrate it are all single of the world. What to do on this day? If you haven't just left and aren't spending the night on the couch watching movies, then you might go out and think about doing something different. Not too much actually but at least you will have a reason to celebrate.

    In the face of all those couples who kiss each other over a two-spoon dessert on Valentine's Day, for San Faustino, expect an evening with all the trimmings. First of all, call your closest friends, obviously single, the alternatives for the evening are many and there is no need to do squalid things like go to night clubs or for girls go see some male striptease. There is better and more fun.

    Rent a Limo, if you are at least 6/7 the cost will be very minimal and let us take you to dinner. Book in a not too expensive venue , it doesn't have to be a place where you spend 50/60 € each, even a hamburger or a pizza is fine, after all, celebrate your company and yourself, the rest doesn't matter.

    After dinner is a whole program. In the face of couples who go to the cinema, watch a movie on the sofa or spend the evening whispering sweet phrases of love, you go to a pub, go dancing and make morning for celebrate only yourself. Surely next year or the one after you will be celebrating Valentine's Day and not the singles party, so enjoy it while you can!

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