"The Great Adventure", National Geographic Rome exhibition

Impossible not to know the National Geographic Society, perhaps one of the most famous non-profit organizations in the world. Born in 1988 a Washington, thanks to a group of 33 scientists who wanted to create something that could "improve and disseminate geographical knowledge". The objective has not changed over the years, and particular attention is paid to raising people's awareness of caring for our planet. Her magazine, in addition to the numerous books, school publications, maps, are not only a means through which to promote scientific knowledge, but also allows to support various organizations and especially scientific research.

To celebrate his 125 years from the 28 September 2013 at 2 February 2014 National Geographic traces its history to Exhibition building in Rome. Through photos and testimonials, the exhibition “The Great Adventure” aims to bring people closer to the dedication of a group of experts who make passion for their work a reason for living.

For more information visit the exhibition site.

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