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Dublin and Galway travelogue

From Thursday 26 August to Thursday 2 September 2016 I went on a trip to Ireland with my friends, mainly visiting Dublin and Galway, but passing through enchanting places, with incredible colors, and dreamlike atmospheres.

A very interesting journey, to be read.

The right company, the opportunity of a volo Low-Cost, booked on-the-run, on the sidewalk below the house of one of us, with a laptop, and off we go to discover the fantastic Irish world.

Dublino e Galway these are the names of the splendid places visited during ours journey.

We enjoyed landscape incredible, almost always blue sky, a sea crystalline, city with a great history behind it, a thousand attractions interesting, and a truly bewitching wilderness.

The atmosphere in the city is always festive, cheerful, carefree, even if for us Spaniards, the Irish standard of living is really high.

While the countryside is truly incredible, huge expanses of green meadows, free animals, sheep, goats, horses, cows, all in the wild.

Dublin local advice and inexpensive restaurants

Kilometric coasts overlooking the sea, the wind in your hair, roads up and down hills and headlands, and so much tranquility. In all this context our group falls, decidedly well blended, and above all charged with an infinite spirit of adventure.

Dublin what to see

The first thing we visited, also because we heard so much about it, was the Guinness Store House in Thomas Street, with a final stop in panoramic bar from which you have one of the best views from the top of Dublin.

Taken from the fact of knowing well the "production of alcohol" we immediately went to visit the Bow Street Jameson Distillery.

Both places are within walking distance of the center, although Guinness is a bit out of the way, but at most you will walk 20 minutes on foot enjoying the scents of the city.

Another visit to do is without a doubt the Museum of Decorative Arts and History.

I highly recommend you to see the Book of Kells, inside the magnificent Trinity College library.

After visiting the beautiful and fascinating library we went inside meeting house square open air market.

This very small market is based on the sale of typical local products such as cheeses, strange jams, bread of all shapes, meat, fish, fresh oysters to eat with lemon, warming up with a local "mulled wine" made with apple juice, cinnamon and whiskey.

Another cute market is the South City market in Johnson Street, a market covered with second-hand items such as books, CDs, etc.

After this little gastronomic journey we decided to visit the State Appartments within the castle.

I must signal that you enter only with the guided tour, which among other things also includes a visit to the Viking ruins of one of the towers of the old castle.

Dublin information places to visit and transport

The rooms of the state appartments are still used as a representative office since Irish government.

Always passionate from libraries we visited the Chester Beatty Library whose entrance is in the garden of the Dublin Castle a Dame Street.

Inside there is a collection of objects from all over the world, Middle Eastern illuminated manuscripts e corani rarities, collected by Chester beatty.

We dedicated one day to relaxation, in fact we went to the Phoenix Park which is il largest urban park in Europe, inside which there is also one zoo and can be reached with many lines of bus, including 10, 25, 37 and 38.

Unmissable is also the Christchurch, Dublin's Protestant cathedral, built in Romanesque style, is within easy walking distance of the center.

The last day before leaving Dublin we dedicated it to visiting the incredible St. Patrick's Cathedral the fantastic Dublin Catholic Cathedral which is located a stone's throw from Christchurch.

La cathedral is well known and visited as Jonathan Swift is buried there, theauthor of Gulliver, who was rector of the basilica for many years.

Galway Ireland what to see

The last days of our beautiful and fascinating journey we spent in the very particular Galway which is a vital city especially yours Old Town which is full of clubs and life.

We honestly decided to have some fun so we paid a little visit to the St Nichola’s Collegiate Church which is the largest medieval church still in use in Ireland and to Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and Saint Nicholas which is the opposite church.

What can I say .. our travels were very beautiful and exciting.

I hope I have been of help ... Have a good trip to everyone in the beautiful and mysterious Ireland.

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Dublin and Galway pictures and photos

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