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    Copenhagen: what to see for free

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    Copenhagen is a beautiful city, but also one of the most expensive in Europe, so here are 5 things to do for free in Copenhagen, without spending a euro.

    Copenhagen, as we know, it is among the most expensive and expensive European capitals together with the other capitals of northern Europe which, despite this, have such a charm that it is worth sacrificing time in search of low cost flights, cheap accommodation and convenient solutions. The Danish capital, however, offers great satisfaction to low-cost tourists. In fact, despite the high costs for food and shopping, many of the city's main attractions are completely free.

    The little Mermaid

    First of all she, the little Mermaid, “The Little Mermaid” from Andersen's fairy tales. Sitting admiring the horizon on a rock in Copenhagen harbor. Easily accessible from Osterport Station and Langelinie, it is accessible to all for free, any day of the year at any time and in any weather condition. And the symbol of the city and attracts groups of tourists armed with the most technological cameras who, venturing among the rocks, risk a selfie with the little mermaid.

    Kastellet fortress

    Another free attraction to appreciate in the city is the big star that on the map runs alongside the Little Mermaid, or the old one Kastellet fortress. An old military garrison surrounded by a star-shaped embankment which today houses the buildings of the Ministry of Defense, windmills and old piers. A small remnant of a bygone era where you can walk, sit on the benches surrounding the perimeter to observe the Danish landscape and take evocative photos, all without having to spend a euro. The biggest attraction of Denmark is within everyone's reach, its green and boundless landscapes, the parks and buildings of the old empires that emerge on the horizon and the various waterways that between piers and small ports make it a destination not only low cost but also green.


    In addition to nature and wonderful landscapes, in Copenhagen it is also possible to take a totally low cost walk inside one of the symbolic museums of Danish art, the Nationalmuseet. It is also possible to visit the permanent exhibition of the Statens Museum for Kunst for free, which houses works by Titian and Mantegna, Picasso, Modignani and Matisse, representations of our Italy and Danish art.

    Seat of the Parliament

    By completing the free tour of Copenhagen you can visit the current one seat of the Danish Parliament, the Christiansborg slot. Located in the historic center of the city it is clearly visible to tourists due to the grandeur of its structure, initially built in 1176 as a bishops' castle and then became a royal residence in the 700s. Today inside it preserves the throne room and the king's room, ceramics and furniture of the time, tapestries in modern colors, party room with mirrors and huge chandeliers, a theater and a riding school. The baroque style is taken from the outside by an imposing marble pier which serves as an entrance.


    Finishing this free ride, it is worth a visit Stroget. The shopping street longest in Europe that with its grandiose geometric floors and endless rows of shop windows attracts rivers of tourists ready to take advantage of what they have saved with low-cost attractions in gadgets and souvenirs that, alas, are not low cost at all.

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