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Cape Verde where it is

Cape Verde is a state ofAfrica consisting of a archipelago of volcanic islands found inAtlantic Ocean.

THEarchipelago is made up of 10 islands which are divided into two main groups such as:

  • Windward or Barlavento islands: sono Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, Ilha do Sal and Boa Vista.
  • Leeward or Sotavento islands: they are Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava.

Cape Verde Island of Sal

THEisland of Sal o salt island is the main tourist center ofarchipelago of Cape Verde and it's really lovely.

I main tourist centers of the island of Sal I'm:

  • Santa Maria: it is the most popular area thanks to its enchanting white sand beaches.

Holidays on Sal Island: what to see, what to do and when to go
  • hole: it is well known for the natural pool which is the opening of an underwater cave.

  • Asparagus: its importance is due to its proximity to the airport and it is the capital of the island

To get more information on this beautiful island consult Sal Island travel tips.

Boa Vista Capo Verde

THEBoa Vista Island is one of Windward islands where you will enjoy over 50 km of white beaches and gilded wetted by a sea wonderful.

The island is very small, the interior is very dry and harsh but there coastal area it is beautiful and proposes breathtaking scenery.

Sao Vicente Cape Verde

THESao Vicente island holds the primacy of Cape Verdean cultural center and it is also the liveliest island ofarchipelago.

The main center of the island is Mindelo overlooking a splendid bath evocative by day and captivating at night.

Capo D'Orlando holidays advice

Un advice that we give you is to take a bath at the Baia das Gatas, Sao Pedro beach and Salamanca beach.

Capo Verde Beach

Mundai Beach is located onSantiago island and it's the capital of Cape Verde.

La city, being the largest of Cape Verde, is the biggest port pole, commercial and tourist area of ​​the archipelago and hosts, together with Asparagus, one of the international airports.

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Cape Verde pictures

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