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How to move from Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino airport to the city center of Rome and to the city's Termini station. How to save and pay € 4 each way with low cost tips.

Recently they asked me how it is possible to get there Rome airports up to Roma Termini station and actually I realized that I still don't have this post in the archive, although more than once this information was also useful to me. So here are some tips so that you and I can always find the best and low cost way for the Roman routes.

The information is also provided with prices, but be aware that the updates may not be current, as the post is written now .. and the prices, as you well know, can change from year to year. I therefore advise you to always go and check on the official websites, which you can find in the links of the post.

Cheap buses from Termini and the airports

For both airports, of Ciampino and Fiumicino there are the Terravision and Bus Shuttle services that have the same prices even if the timetables differ a little. For safety it is advisable to always look precisely at the timetables on the official websites.

Terravision is 4 € one way, if purchased online, while if purchased at Termini station the ticket price is € 6 each way. For a round trip the price is 8 €, the one way is 40 minutes. Buses depart 20 every minute. From the airport they are in service from 8.15 am and from Termini Station from 4 am. The Terravision bus can be taken right outside the Roma Termini station, in via Marsala 30 where among other things you will also find the ticket office and the Terracaffè, for those who have not been able or have forgotten to buy the ticket online. For those who prefer to have a snack, worthy of the name, I recommend the Vyta bar.

Shuttle bus is 4 € booked online, one way costs € 6 while the return ticket costs € 8. All the bus timetables can be found directly at the Bus Shuttle web address

Bus from Fiumicino to the Vatican and Prati area

If you don't want to get to Termini Station, but you want to go to Vatican area because it is in the Prati district that you have your hotel, with the Shuttle bus to the Vatican it's possible. Here are all the timetables and how to get from Fiumicino airport to the Vatican in a separate post written and tested just for you.

From Ciampino to Roma Termini

From 'Ciampino airport at Roma Termini station it is possible to use the bus as an alternative to the Terravision we have already mentioned Cotral which takes 40 minutes and costs 3.90 each way and 6.90 return. I tell you the truth though, I have never taken it, I have always limited myself to Terravisions on this route, which are fine and are super punctual and, since you then have to take a plane, it is to be considered as a plus!

From Fiumicino to Roma Termini

From 'Fiumicino airport at Roma Termini station you can also take the train instead of the bus. In 40 minutes by train Leonardo Express, without intermediate stops and departing every 30 minutes you arrive at Roma Termini. Every day the first departure from Roma Termini (from platforms 23 and 24) is scheduled at 5.52 and from Fiumicino at 6.36, while the last departure from the airport is at 23.36 and from Roma Termini at 22.52, every 20 minutes. The service has the advantage that it is very punctual, but the cons it has to be rather expensive € 14 per person.

Finally if you want to go in taxi, remember that By law taxis operate a service from the airport to the city center of Rome a not more than 30 € each way. In case you are 2 or 3 people sharing with several suitcases, the service could be advantageous.

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