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    Tired of waiting for spring? Win Cape Verde

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    This is a contest that will appeal to many! Not just who he really is tired of waiting for spring in this very long winter that seems interminable, but also to those who would like to take a trip to Cape Verde. Then it doesn't hurt to try, if it goes wrong you will have wasted a few minutes of your day, but if you are okay, eh, if you are okay, do not forget to send us a postcard to make us die of envy! :)

    Participating is very easy just go to the specific page of the site Where you travel, register if you have never done so and participate!

    What can you win? A stay for two people to be exploited for the whole year of 8 days and 7 nights at the Crioula Club Hotel & Resort, located on the beach of Santa Maria, 20 minutes from the airport in Cape Verde of course. The village, with its airy architecture, its manicured gardens and its large spaces, will allow you to spend a holiday in total freedom and relaxation. The restaurant is treated in every detail, with a varied buffet and show cooking. Do not miss the large seawater swimming pool. It will be 8 days and 7 nights of dreams, including the welcome cocktail, full board with delicious snacks and elegant drinks during the day, delicious meals for lunch and dinner, fun international entertainment shows.

    In short, all that remains is to try! Competition expires on March 31st and the draw will take place on April 7th.

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