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Cape Verde climate and temperatures

Il climate in Cape Verde it's kind of tropical with temperature which, usually, are not very high and remain constant throughout the year (minimum temperature 20 °, maximum temperature 29 ° / 30 °).

It must be said that the Windward islands o Windward (Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau, Sal Island and Boa Vista) are definitely desert so they have a tropical arid climate while the Leeward islands o Leeward (Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava) are a little more rainy and therefore much less arid.

Cape Verde when to go

Le Cape Verde islands, Thanks to tropical climate, they can be visited throughout the year but some small clarifications must be made.

Capo D'Orlando holidays advice

In the area ofAtlantic Ocean where are the Cape Verde islands the trade winds blow which during the winter months could lead to a small drop in temperatures, especially on colder days.

In any case the best time to go on holiday to Cape Verde are the months of May, June, the first 10 days of July and the month of November.

Cape Verde time zone

Compared toSpain a Cape Verde there are 3 hours less.

Capo verde what to pack

During the winter months we advise you to pack a scarf for the wind, light clothes, a sweatshirt for the evening and to do excursions bring hiking shoes, a hat and sunscreen.

During the summer months bring light clothes, a light sweatshirt for the evening, a scarf for the wind and everything you need to make excursions.

Capo D'Orlando where to eat well and spend little

What to eat in Cape Verde

In all Cape Verde Islands let's have lunch kid, pig, chicken and a lot grilled fish (lobster, tuna and seafood).

La cachepa and the typical dish of Cape Verde and it is a soup made with sausage, beans, corn and tapioca or with pork, chicken or fish.

La Chassina it is goat meat served with a soup of beans and pork.

Un advice we give you is to taste the cheese from the island of Maio, the very famous beers such as Clep’s and Ceris and Groggy which is a local distillate very alcoholic based sugar cane.

Cape Verde offers

organize a vacation in Cape Verde choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see TRAVEL AND HOLIDAY OFFERS FLIGHT + HOTEL.

We remind you that no details are needed to go to Cape Verde vaccinations.

To get more information on this gorgeous archipelago see Holidays in Cape Verde and Cape Verde most beautiful beaches.

Cape Verde pictures

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