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    Cape Verde: Vila do Farol village low cost holiday

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    Vila do Farol in Cape Verde, where to sleep for a low cost holiday in the Atlantic Ocean, the review of rooms and restaurant by those who really lived the holiday, read here.

    Cape Verde, a cluster of islands of volcanic origin in the Atlantic Ocean. A natural heritage of unique beauty characterized by long pristine beaches, desert landscapes and large valleys.

    The archipelago of Cape Verde is made up of many islands, but the best known and most visited are theisland of Sal and Boavista. So where to spend a week of pure rest, all inclusive, without spending a lot?

    Here! the answer seems trivial, but you will realize that the prices of this structure are very affordable especially because it is an Italian village: Vila do Farol, Bravo village located on the Island of Sal.

    I chose Cape Verde, also thanks to its advantageous prices by staying a week at the end of May and spending, in a good structure with plenty of food and above all without end (not recommended for a person on a diet) at the price of 560 euros with charter flight Neos from Bologna. Unbelievable, right?

    The bravo village will win you over, not so much for its own rooms (excellent comfort, but nothing to do with unbridled luxury), but for a unique atmosphere that will accompany you, also thanks to the boys of the village, in an unforgettable week.

    Il village it is located within a large garden and consists of approx 200 bungalow distributed in pleasant paths. The bungalows are equipped with all comforts and cleanliness is excellent. The village has a beautiful beach with an enchanting sea and also enjoys many relaxation areas with an immense swimming pool (with sea water) where inside there is a bar where the main snack is freshly baked burgers with draft beer (nice right?) obviously all inclusive.

    Il restaurant enjoys a delicious buffet, from fish to meat, from salty to sweet: for every taste! You can take beautiful walks on the beach arriving, in 10 minutes, in the center of the town of Santa Maria. You can do lots of sports kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving with many group activities such as beach volleyball.

    True, the all-inclusive holiday is very commercial and touristy as I say, but why give up a perfect week, in a magnificent place, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

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