Canada, 5 things to do in Ontario

One of the most beautiful destinations for an adventurous travel immersed in nature, here are five things to do in Ontario, Canada, close to Europe for flights and wild enough.

Il Canada it is a magical place, it is one of those countries where nature, hospitality and culture are intertwined to offer unique travel experiences. After being 4 months in Ontario, I realized what it means to see infinite spaces, wild nature and one sustainable lifestyle. In fact, unlike the United States, Canada is a country attentive to ecology theme and sustainability, which is why its cities are among the most liveable in the world.

If you schedule a trip to Canada le Things to do there are so many, just think that it is the second largest country in the world, only after Russia. Even if you think of Canada as a cold and snow-covered country, get ready to change your mind because you will be amazed by the variety of environments and climates you can find.

If you want to get to know this beautiful country with a low cost trip, the Ontario is the ideal destination because its capital Toronto is very well connected with Europe, flights are cheaper than the west coast cities, but above all the area around Toronto is still to be discovered.

Precisely because Ontario and in particular the Georgian Bay, are a very large area and not very touristy, it is not always easy to find the right activities to do and find those corners that will make your trip unforgettable. So here it is 5 things to do in Ontario if you are around Georgian Bay.

Killarney Provincial Park

Love nature, the campground and outdoor life, Then you have come to the correct place! Not far from Sudbury is the Killarney Provincial Park, a green area of ​​over 600 square km where you can do all kinds of sports, camp, picnic or simply enjoy a little Canadian wilderness. The advice is to spend at least a couple of days inside the park, where you can rent all sports equipment. There are 80km of trails to go through lakes, forests and hills, this is a fairly flat area in Canada so the trails are easily walkable by anyone.

Watch the sunset from Thornbury Pier

Thornbury is a tiny town at the foot of the Blue Mountains, the most important ski resort in Georgian Bay. Its port, however, is truly impressive, with sailing boats, rocks and a pier overlooking Lake Huron (more than a lake it looks like the sea for its extension). In summer it is always full of kids diving and bathing, while during autumn or spring it is easier to find yourself alone. The Thornbury Pier it's the perfect place where to see the sunset and eat ice cream.

Eat a Beaver Tail in the Blue Mountains

Le Blue Mountains they are the meeting place for young people and families, as well as being a ski resort, they are also a beautiful mountain village (which are actually very high hills). Cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops, in the Blue Mountains there is really everything, even one splendid SPA in which to relax. After sunset in Thornbury the advice is to go to the Blue Mountains and taste the Beaver Tails "Beaver tails", the typical Canadian dessert. Although Beaver Tails originated in Ottawa, they are found in many Canadian cities and eating them in the Blue Mountains is even more impressive. They are pancakes with the addition of sugar and ingredients to taste: candied apples, cinnamon, nutella, walnuts, biscuits and the list could be endless.

Take part of the Bruce Trail

Il Bruce Trail is an 885km trail that starts in Niagara and goes all the way to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. IS the longest and oldest trail in Canada, for this reason, crossing even just a few kilometers makes you enter the history of the country. In addition to the landscape and history, the Bruce Trail also offers many activities for families with lessons, workshops and games to teach children about the protection of nature.

See a baseball or hockey game in Toronto

Ontario is pure nature, but if after a few days you start to miss the cities, don't worry, Toronto is ready to welcome you with ultra modern architectures, really interesting shops and clubs. One of things to do if you are in Ontario is to see one baseball or hockey game.

Canadians are crazy about hockey, it's the national sport and they don't miss a game, if you happen to be in a pub while the Toronto Maple Leaf play against the Ottawa Senators maybe it's better to find a safe corner because glasses of beer. Seeing a hockey or baseball game at Rogers Center (the only baseball stadium in the world to have a dome that closes in case of rain) is truly an experience not to be missed.

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