Caorle: sun, sea aboard a bragozzo

What to do in Caorle on a trip to Veneto? Discover the lagoon aboard a bragozzo, without forgetting to explore the city center.

If you think about the surroundings of Venice the sea and the beach come to mind, ignoring the fact that there are many activities that can be done with the whole family. Caorle is a Venetian town that offers many possibilities to tourists who decide to visit it or spend their holidays there and there are many opportunities to get to know the area.

The coast is very wide and long and for the most part consists of a free beach on which they overlook numerous hotel structures, residences and campsites. If, on the other hand, you love the wild coast, just drive a few kilometers and reach Valle Vecchia, towards Bibione. Here sea, sand, nature and a splendid pine forest will fascinate you and make you relax.

The origins of Caorle are very ancient, it was already a port in Roman times, of which, in the surroundings, there are several traces, in particular in the nearby Concordia Sagittaria.

Among the monuments to visit is the Romanesque cathedral, with its brick facade and austere and essential style. In the same square, there is the bell tower, also in exposed brick, with an unusual cylindrical shape and built around the year 1000.

Adjacent to the Piazza del Duomo is the seafront and the promenade leading both east and west to the beaches. This area is called Viva Cliff and it is an artificial barrier made with large boulders which, every year, are made by artists and sculptors and which transform the promenade into a sort of open-air gallery.

At the extreme tip, east of this promenade, is the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Angelo, built in the mid-700th century, to which the caorlotti are very devoted. Many vows were made to the Madonna in various circumstances in which the city found itself in difficulty, especially due to its exposure to the sea, floods and strategic position that made Caorle a target land even during the Great War.

Il center of Caorle is very nice, le homes are colorful and there is a long pedestrian area lined with shops and restaurants.

However, the itinerary that will amaze you the most is to discover the Venetian lagoon, sailing on the Lemene river aboard a bragozzo, the typical fishing boat of the Adriatic. Along the river are the casoni, fishermen's houses made with poles and reed and with very sloping roofs, which were once inhabited several months a year.

Now they are mainly used in summer, as places to go to spend a few days in peace and only occasionally are used for long periods. The boat ride is very pleasant, you can watch birds, nature and you can even fish.

In this area Hemingway he stayed in the locality of San Gaetano and here in the lagoon he set the book “Across the river and among the trees” in which he tells of a hunting trip in search of ducks, pintails and mallards on a cold and icy winter day. So if you decide to go on holiday in Caorle, don't forget to try new and unusual experiences and don't stop just at the beach because the area offers much more.

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