What to see outside Las Vegas: 5 must-see places

The city of Las Vegas it is known around the world for its many casinos, crazy party nights, luxurious hotels, as well as its unique shows. But did you know that a myriad of attractions are just a few miles away, perfect for a day trip? Find out through this article what to see outside Las Vegas.

Discover the places worth visiting near the city of vice and excess.

What to see outside Las Vegas

Valley of Fire

Distance from Las Vegas: approximately 85 km

Il Valley of Fire State Park it is still unknown to international travelers visiting Las Vegas.

However, it offers gaudy reddish landscapes whose intensity varies according to the brightness of the sun. It is said that the best times to admire the vividness of the colors are in the morning and late afternoon.

These times of the day are also the most appropriate to visit the park, which is located in the heart of the desert. Otherwise, the temperatures can be opring.

The territory to explore is vast and the best way to discover it in a few hours is by car.

One of the park's attractions is undoubtedly the Fire Wave, a multicolored wave accessible via an easy 2,6km round trip trail.

In addition to the numerous geological formations (some dating back over 150 million years), you will also be able to see the petroglyphs that mark the presence of the Indian people more than 3000 years ago.

As soon as you arrive in the park, stop at the visitor center. The free exhibit presented here is a veritable mine of information and the staff can guide you to must-see viewpoints according to your interests.

Red Rock Canyon

Distance from Las Vegas: approximately 28 km

The National Conservation Area of ​​the Red Rock Canyon it is another geological wonder that few travelers know or decide to discover.

If you love hiking, you can spend a whole day discovering its beautiful reddish rock formations.

Otherwise, the discovery of the park is carried out rather quickly by taking the panoramic road (one-way) by car.

And just before entering, don't miss a stop at Red Rock Overlook, a promontory with breathtaking views!

Nelson Ghost Town (Eldorado)

Distance from Las Vegas: approximately 72 km

Nelson Ghost Town is located in the heart of Eldorado Canyon. It is an old mining town founded in 1775 that the Spaniards called the Eldorado because of the gold that was present in the area.

A century after its discovery, prospectors stormed the mines of the small town. At least 12 mining camps were established in the canyon. The mining era lasted about 30 years. Some prospectors have found gold. Many have not found anything.

Following numerous conflicts over resource management, several killings occurred. Lastly, the fatal Techatticup mine ceased its operations in 1945 and the city was abandoned.

While there isn't much left of the city, most visitors come here to join the Techatticup Mine Tour. The grounds of the Techatticup Mine are littered with hundreds of mining artifacts and props left over from the many films shot here.

This is a typical experience not to be missed! It's a real trip to the Wild West, an hour's drive from Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead e Boulder City

What to see outside Las Vegas: 5 must-see places
What to see outside Las Vegas - the Hoover Dam -

Distance from Las Vegas: approximately 65 km

Built during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam overlooks the Colorado River. Inaugurated on 30 September 1935 after almost five years of hard work, it represents the largest building of its time. Today, the dam supplies water to over 18 million people.

To access the site, you will first need to go through a security check, located less than 2km from the entrance.

After going through the control, you will be able to enter the visitor center, where you will enjoy a great view of the dam. Guided tours are also available giving access to the facility.

Nearby, be sure to stop at lago Mead, an artificial lake that emerged from the construction of the Hoover Dam.

There are many water activities available, including a boat trip. Otherwise, you can just take some nice pictures of the landscape.

Finally, a visit to Boulder city it is essential. This city was founded in 1931 to house the workers who worked on the dam.

To avoid excess, gambling was prohibited… And the rules are still in place today! The contrast to Las Vegas is quite striking!

Visiting these three tourist attractions combined is truly worth giving them a full day.

Area 51

Distance from Las Vegas: approximately 160 km

Who hasn't heard of the enigmatic Zone 51?

Also known as Dreamland, this forbidden zone doesn't make you dream when you go there. On the contrary… it is rather disturbing. The path to l’Area 51 traverse some of the most desolate, uninhabited and incredibly spectacular deserts in the world.

That said, the mystery behind this US military base undeniably fascinates the curiosity of travelers, especially those of ufology lovers.

Several signs will remind you that you are not welcome on this territory, prohibiting access on a perimeter of 40 km.

So why go there if you can't get close to the base? Just for the trip… And to have a coffee at the Alien Travel Center. This lime green gas station offers fast food service and several memorabilia featuring depictions of aliens.

Be careful not to confuse this building with the one behind it. In fact, the pink establishment next door, the Alien Cathouse, is a thematic brothel belonging to the famous businessman Dennis Hof.

One thing is certain, if you like stories that revolve around unidentified flight phenomena, you will enjoy this day of exploration of yours!

These were the 5 destinations to discover in just over an hour from Las Vegas. If, on the other hand, you want to get further away, you can't miss the following visit ...

The Grand Canyon

Il Grand Canyon it's a must in the American West. This marvel of nature, carved out of time, offers truly incredible spectacles. The south coast, the most famous, considered the heart of the Grand Canyon, is more than 4 hours from Las Vegas. So if you don't want to spend your day on the road, you can go to the Grand Canyon West which is about 2:30 from the city.

For an unforgettable view you also have the opportunity to discover the Grand Canyon from above taking a helicopter. The journey takes only 45 minutes.

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