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Vienna information

Vienna and the federal capital of Austria and is the sixth most populous city in theUe.

Il historic center of Vienna has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and presents several examples of baroque architecture.

Vienna what to see and places of interest

Vienna it is a very city romance ed elegance and is highly developed under the artistic and cultural profile.

Let's find out together what to see in Vienna:

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Vienna Theater

Staatsoper and the Vienna's most famous theater and it is an institution for this magnificent city.

La structure was inaugurated in 1869 with the representation of the "Don Giovanni"of Mozart and today is one of best theaters in the world.

Hofburg Palace Vienna

Il Imperial Palace in Vienna it is located in the heart of the city and inside you can admire it pomp and luxury of the Habsburg Empire.

This is, in effect, a architectural complex compound 18 buildings which include 2600 rooms and an incredible staircase leading to the imperial apartments, those apartments that once belonged to the Princess Sissi.

Inside theHofburg Palace you will find the Silverware museum and museum dedicated to Princess Sissi.

St. Stephen's Cathedral Vienna

The 10 most beautiful museums in the world

Schonbrunn Castle Vienna

Belvedere Vienna

Vienna Secession Building

Vienna park

Quarters Hundertwasser Vienna

Vienna museums

Vienna is the home of lovers ofmodern art and culture as it hosts over 500 museums in more than 100 buildings.

Here is in our opinion of the staff What are the most beautiful museums to visit in Vienna:

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Il Kunsthistorisches Museum or Art History Museum, since 1891, houses one of the largest collections ofEmpire of the Habsburgs.

Inside you can admire works of inestimable value as "The Art of Painting"of Vermeer, "The Madonna del Prato"of Raffaello and many other works by artists such as Titian, Tritonetto, Rubens etc.

Albertine Vienna

Il Albertina Museum is, perhaps, the most important one of Vienna as in addition to hosting apriceless permanent collection of works, the most important contemporary exhibitions in the world.

Un advice that we can give you is to inform you in advance about the exhibition present during the period of your visit.

Others Vienna museums to see I'm:

  • Leopold Museum
  • Army History Museum
  • Natural Science Museum or Naturhistorisches Museum

  • Museum of Sissi and dell'Aergenteria
  • Belvedere Museum
  • Mumok Museum
  • Vienna Museum
  • House of Music

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Vienna pictures

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