The real wiener schnitzel in Vienna, from Figlmuller

    When you go to Vienna you will certainly be enchanted by the splendid architecture and royal atmosphere that reigns throughout the city, without missing out on the wonders that the local cuisine can offer. A special mention deserves the many and delicious desserts made by the many local pastry shops, but also "the salty part”Of the kitchen deserves some mention.

    We are obviously talking about the main dish of Vienna: the wiener schnitzel. I must say that I have eaten a lot of cutlets, and also very good, but nothing to do with the wiener schnitzel savored by Figlmuller. It is a chain of restaurants, if you can say so, as they have two different locations in Vienna.

    The first is in Wollzeile, perhaps the most characteristic because in a kind of covered and delightfully decorated passage during the Christmas period; the second in Backerstrasse, less attentive but still really delicious. When I was there over the Christmas period two years ago, I tried to sit in the Wollzeile office first, but they kindly replied that everything was busy until the following January.

    I had better luck with the second venue and I must say that it is something to try absolutely. The wiener schnitzel was huge, it filled the whole plate, perfectly cut and cooked, as well as very thin and therefore you ate it with real taste. I remember having a potato soup too, really good. Furthermore, the service is impeccable and fast enough.

    In short, you cannot leave Vienna without having tasted this typical meal, indeed my advice is to book the table, even from the internet. In fact, I noticed that from the restaurant's website there is the possibility to reserve a table, you won't regret it!

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