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    Vienna capital of culture and Pflasterspektakel

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    The city of Austria Linz is in 2009 capital of culture and offers a full program of appointments and events from June to September. The Pflasterspektakel is one of the favorite events for Linz residents but also for tourists in general.

    Il Pflasterspektakel takes place from 23 to 25 July and draws to the city beyond 600 street artists between clowns, jugglers, mimes and mimes with shows during the days and pyrotechnic events for the evenings of the festival. The Festival has become a regular event that attracts artists from all over the world every year.

    Among the various events in the city to celebrate the capital of culture too Höhenrausch, an ambitious project that plans to bring all tourists, onlookers and residents on the roofs of cities. Until 27 September, an adventurous route offers an ingenious system of passages through the floors of the Ursulinenhof.

    To take a trip to Vienna you need to take a few more days. To visit the beautiful city of Austria you can rent bicycles made available by Vienna City Bike.

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