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Tokyo useful tips and information

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, one of the largest and most populated cities in the world that with its skyscrapers and its many crowded streets is, today, a real metropolis.

Tokyo also has a very interesting historical center to visit, where the Imperial Palace, residence ofEmperor, and is the only building that survived the bombings of World War II.

The building is surrounded by gardens that follow Japanese architecture.

How to get around Tokyo transport

The means of transport are very efficient: roads and highways connect the airports (the most active in the world, by number of arrivals and departures) and the ports, but also the whole external area where there are many industries.

La railway network it is one of the first in the world for speed, it connects Tokyo with the rest of Japan.

Tokyo climate, currency, religion and official language

Il climate in Japan it is mainly Mediterranean, therefore characterized by cold winters and hot summers; the rains, mainly concentrated in the months between June and October, are mainly thunderstorms, short and intense.

The sea temperature in the southern part of the country is between 23 and 27 degrees, while in the north it is colder.

The official language is the Japanese, the most widespread religions are shinto and Buddhism, the national currency is Yen, divided into 100 sen.

Best time to visit Tokyo

The best time for visit Tokyo it is during the spring from March to May.

Try to avoid the Golden Week (late April-early May) and New Year's Eve (late December-early January) when most of the shops and businesses are closed.

July and August are very hot and humid months although there is a large choice of festivals.

Winter is cold and dry while autumn (September to November) has warm and pleasant days and you can admire the beautiful colors of the leaves.

Information calls to and from Japan

To call Japan from Spain dial the telephone area code 0081

To call Spain from Japan, dial the telephone prefix 00139

What to visit in Tokyo

Visit Tokyo for the first time it is like landing on another planet.

Tokyo should be visited passing from one district to another starting from the central one where it is located the Imperial Palace and Ginza, the most famous commercial district in all of Japan.

Other places to visit are the neighborhoods of AsakusaAkihabaraHarajukuShibuyaUenoRoppongiIkebukuroShinjuku Shibuya.

It is completely different from Western capitals, but it is its inhabitants who make it extraordinary.

Tokyo in the eyes of the tourist appears to be a megalopolis in motion, avant-garde and full of energy, humanity, with extraordinary contrasts.

Millions of people flock to the subway, sidewalks and thousands of shops every day and at every hour.

Despite its tight space for a harmonious life, Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world with very little violence and crime.

People are always available to help.

Workers, honest and helpful with foreigners, the Japanese are the real strength of Japan.

Here is a video of what the fantastic city of Tokyo looks like in one of the city's commercial districts:

In addition, Tokyo offers a huge choice to tourists: museums, kabuki theaters, sumo fights and the largest collection of Japanese art in the world.

The traditional stands out kabuki theater together with opera, ballet and classical music.

What to eat in Tokyo typical dishes

La Japanese cuisine it has been known all over the world for years and has become more and more established over the years.

If you visit this majestic city you cannot fail to taste the typical cuisine with dishes such as:

Il rice which is the quintessential Japanese steamed dish.

Il Sushi and Sashimi 

La Miso soup which is one hot soup whose main ingredient is miso, that is, a paste made with soy that is dissolved in a fish broth called Aries and many times variations are made such as adding seaweed, tofu, daikon or other ingredients that make the flavor more or less strong.

La Tempura which is a fry whose main ingredients are vegetables and prawns.

Where to eat in Tokyo

Tokyo, being a metropolis and having a very large surface area, it is full of restaurants but the ones we highly recommend are:

Il Tempura Tsunahachi which is located in the neighborhood of Shinjuku.

Il Toriky which is located at Shinagawa-ku and They should.

Il Ginza Kyubey site, in fact, in the neighborhood of Ginza. staff wishes everyone a good trip.

Tokyo photo gallery

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