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    Japan: 25 Things You Don't Know Until You Go There

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    Japan in pills: everything you discover on your first trip

    1) Japan is a super-male country 

    2) The Japanese eat a lot of embarrassing eggs and yet they live 100 years .. (this story of cholesterol in the yolk does not tell us right !!)

    3) You can't blow your nose in public because it's rude, but you can safely fart without any problem

    4) There are also fat Japanese people

    5) In Japanese the word "no" is never used (practically equivalent to a vaffa ..)

    6) Ramen (which is considered a poor dish) is probably the dish you will miss the most 

    7) The green of the gardens is something indescribable

    8) 1kg of tomatoes costs the same as a gold bar

    9) The poor practically do not exist and therefore there is no crime

    10) Onigiri are addictive

    11) The Japanese are not gifted with problem solving: ask them for a minimal modification and they will die 

    12) Traveling in Japan is very easy even if you know the language

    13) There are public toilets everywhere and they are all immaculate

    14) In Japan you can eat very well with two lire

    15) The Japanese do not give you the discount even to die

    16) You do not smoke on the street but in restaurants, yes, go ahead and understand!

    17) The Japanese can sleep anywhere

    18) The Japanese are obsessed with packaging and use an indescribable amount of plastic (but it seems that they recycle 99% .. at least so they say!)

    19) Vegans and vegetarians don't have an easy time in Japan

    20) The Japanese always dress elegantly 

    21) The Japanese are very precise but also very inefficient

    22) The Japanese have drawn heavily from Chinese culture (alphabet, religion, architecture ...), let's say they invented little and nothing

    23) Earthquakes and wars have destroyed practically everything, what can be seen today at most dates back to 2/3 centuries ago

    24) Walking around the alleys at night in Tokyo is priceless 

    Sayonara Japan, surely we will see you again soon !!

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