The best time to visit Las Vegas, the weather and other travel tips

In this short guide we want to give useful tips to plan your visit to Las Vegas in the best time. The gambling capital of the world enjoys year-round tourism, but there are some better times to visit.

The climate of Las Vegas

The climate of Las Vegas is considered subtropical, with a hot and arid weather characteristic of the Mojave Desert in which it is located. The area receives more than 300 days of sunshine a year and has a low humidity rate, especially during the summer months.

The area has limited rainfall and is devoid of tornadoes, snow and ice. In a typical year, Las Vegas could receive around 100mm of rainfall, almost all of it over a period of three to four weeks. Most of the rainfall in this region occurs during the winter season. The “wettest” month of the year is February, even if the quantity is always limited.

The landscape is rocky and arid, with the presence of desert vegetation and wildlife. Due to water scarcity problems in the region, conservation efforts have been made to safeguard and ration the precious resource. Las Vegas residents are faced with scheduled watering days for lawns and gardens, the use of bottled water, and shorter shower times.

The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas, located inside a hollow in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, and surrounded by mountains on all sides. With its limited rainfall, low humidity and short, mild winters, this "oasis" in the desert has become a major attraction for many tourists. attracted by the game and entertainment that the city offers 24 hours a day.

Most people who visit Las Vegas spend most of their time indoors, so we can say that any time of year is a great time to visit the city. Yet Sin City sees a greater influx of visitors during the winter months, especially around Christmas and New Year.

Daytime temperatures in summer instead they exceed 40 ° and are unbearable for outdoor activities. While the spring and autumn season offer a milder climate.

Il best period to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November. It is much less crowded than in winter, and temperatures allow visitors to enjoy all the outdoor attractions the city has to offer.

March may

In Spring in Las Vegas, daily temperatures are mild and hover between 20 ° - 26 ° C. It is advisable to dress lightly in layers, as temperatures drop significantly after sunset. During this time there are fewer visitors, and it will be easier to find a good room at a great price. There are also many special events during the spring.

June August

You will never truly appreciate air conditioning until you visit Las Vegas in summer. The maximum temperatures during this period easily reach and exceed 40 ° C. This is not the best time to walk along the Strip. Temperatures are more bearable, early in the morning or in the evening.

July and August see an increase in rainfall, but the rains are often short-lived. Even with the less comfortable conditions, summer remains a popular time to visit Las Vegas, especially for families. Hotel rates are slightly higher, not to mention limited poolside space.

September - November

Like spring, theautunno it's a great time to experience Las Vegas. The summer heat begins to subside and tourist traffic fades. The maximum temperatures range from 22 ° to 27 ° C in the months of September and October. While in November, the first cold days can occur with highs below 18 ° C and minimum temperatures of 8 ° C. However, tourism begins to grow as winter approaches. If you are planning a trip in late autumn, it is worth booking a few weeks in advance to ensure room availability.

December - February

The cooler climate and the abundance of parties make thewinter an extremely popular time to visit Sin City. It pays to book flights and hotels well in advance, especially if you want to celebrate the New Year in Las Vegas style. While the weather is certainly warmer here than it is in other parts of the United States, some days can be cold, with temperatures ranging from 4 ° C to 14 ° - 17 ° C maximum.

In general the best parties and big events take place in March. Best time to come to Nevada to visit the Grand Canyon it is during the spring and autumn, while the most popular period to visit Death Valley it is in spring. There season for camping starts in September, so if outdoor life is what you are looking for, plan your trip between the months of September and November.



Little tricks to save on the price of hotels

Weekly rates

A rule of thumb for all times of the year is to visit Las Vegas during the week. The city is a popular weekend destination. We recommend that you book your trip to Las Vegas on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You will find lower prices and higher room availability.

Make the most of the summer

With the scorching heat that can drive temperatures to 40 ° C, July and August see a decrease in visitors to Las Vegas. This is one of the best times to find lower airfares and cheaper hotel rooms. Plan to spend most of your time at the hotel if you choose this period; dehydration and heat stroke are common ailments during the summer period. And more importantly, remember to drink plenty of water.

Pre-holiday and post-holiday period

During the festive season of Christmas and New Year, it is high season in Las Vegas, with higher prices and limited room availability. The number of visitors is lower in the first half of December e after the holidays of the end of the year. It is advisable to visit Las Vegas a week before Christmas or wait for the second week of the New Year if you want to save on room prices in Las Vegas. Keep in mind that even though Las Vegas is a city in the middle of the desert, it gets very cold in winter. Temperatures can drop below 0 ° in December and January. So come prepared with appropriate winter clothing if you choose to visit the city during this time.

Period different from that of the conferences

Nevada hosts a great deal of annual activity, most notably Las Vegas is home to hundreds of conventions every year. The large conventions that take place in Las Vegas lead to a considerable increase in hotel prices, especially in the Strip area. When these conventions occur, you will see room prices increase, even if the period corresponds to the "off season" in Las Vegas.

Before setting your travel dates, check the conference schedule to find out which hotel is hosting what and when - this will help you choose the right hotel and get a better price. Consult the Visitors' Office to see when there are major conferences in the city. Visit their website and to the Meetings and Conventions page, then click on the Convention Calendar link to view the complete calendar of upcoming events.

The best time to visit Las Vegas, the weather and other travel tips
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