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Sipadan island holidays advice and information

THEisland in Sipadan is located in the East Malaysia and is bathed in the beautiful Celebes sea.

sipadan is located on the top of a volcano and, thanks to this feature, it is surrounded by a sea which in its depths hosts over 3000 species of fish.

Sipadan what to see

sipadan is also known as theturtle island in fact you can admire green and hawksbill turtles that mate and nest on the island.

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A excursion to do (we recommend it to diving experts) is the one at turtle cemetery which is one underwater cave shaped maze where you can admire many turtle skeletons.

Sipadan diving

THEisland in Sipadan is considered the seventh wonder of the underwater world and one of 10 diving destinations more beautiful and popular.

In addition to being in close contact with the turtles you can swim together with schools of barracuda, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and, depending on the season, also with the mante.

A sipadan there are 13 diving spots and they are:

  • The Drop Off - (depth 5-40m, advanced)
  • Turtle Caver - (depth 14-23m, advanced)
  • Barracuda Point - (depth 5-40m, advanced)
  • Coral Gardens - (depth 15-23m)

  • Whitetip Avenue - (depth 17-40m)
  • Mid Reef - (depth 5-40m)
  • Turtle Patch - (depth 5-12m)
  • South Point - (depth 20-40m, advanced)
  • Staghorn Crest - (depth 20-40m, advanced)
  • Lobster Lairs - (depth 25-40m, advanced)

  • Hanging Gardens - (depth 5-40m)
  • West Ridge - (depth 18-40m)
  • North Point - (depth 25-40m)

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We remind you that for those who intend to dive for go diving in Sipadan must have the appropriate permesso which can be obtained by registering with one of the PADI dive centers of the resort located on the surrounding islands (Mataking, Mabul and Kapalai).

How to get to Sipadan

sipadan it can only be reached by starting from one of the islands surrounding.

The closest pier is that of Semporna which is connected with theaeroporto in Tawau from which planes depart and arrive from major cities of Eastern and Western Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan, Johor, Kota Kinabalu e Bahru.

We remind you that onisland in Sipadan they do not exist accommodation and, given its special nature and the safeguard status it enjoys, the daily visits are limited so you have to book in advance and you have to get approval from the dive site Sabah Marine Park.

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