Shopping in search of vintage memorabilia three the streets of Istanbul

    Are you passionate about vintage? Then here in Istanbul is the place for you! Is called Çukurcuma and is the heart of the neighborhood of Cihangir, one of the trendiest and most interesting areas on the European side of the city.

    Çukurcuma there is a very bohemian and charming atmosphere and it is full of quaint and colorful bars, like those where to smoke hookah. Cool and decadent at the same time, this is the realm of vintage shops: the Italian-Turkish director also goes shopping in these parts Ferzan Ozpeteck. It is a truly special place!

    There it is a bit of everything: Turkish carpets and lanterns, Byzantine jewels and ancient compasses for navigation, gramophones and astrolabes. Very reminiscent of the area of Soho a New York, but in a Middle Eastern version.

    The best shops, such as Müstamel Eşya Evi, De Form Müzik and the mythical A La Turca - the kingdom of vintage kilm carpets - are concentrated in a steep alley, Faik Paşa. From high-end antiques to super-kitsch 60s rocking horse, there's something for everyone. Shops usually close at sunset, just after the muezzin's prayer, so it's best to go there in the morning.

    If you are looking for the bargain keep an eye on the ramshackle carts of junk dealers: in Çukurcuma there are them on every street corner and it is here that the most interesting pieces are found. To bargain it is a must.

    By the way, a little advice: if you are bargaining and the seller offers you some chay (the typical turkish tea in the glass cup) please, do not refuse: accept and sit with him, its part of the game!

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