Review Sahara Hotel in Mandalay, Myanmar

The review of the Sahara Hotel in Mandalay, Myanmar. The description of the services, the rooms and everything you need to know to book safely without surprises, read the post.

When choosing a hotel, you usually consider location, services offered, cleanliness of the rooms, professionalism of the staff and obviously the price. Are we asking too much to want everything in the same place? Certainly not, to the exceptional Sahara Hotel, In the heart of Mandalay Hill .

Sahara Hotel, where it is located

Like many cities, even the great Mandalay has its own center. The Sahara Hotel could only be in a better location central and comfortable. It is located at the intersection of 80th and 26th Street, right at one of the four corners of the majestic Royal Palace. It is also a few kilometers from the Mandalay Hill, the hill full of temples overlooking the city, perfect for enjoying the sunset. In order not to miss anything in the surroundings of the hotel you will find banks, shopping centers, small stalls and various places to eat or simply have a drink.

Sahara Hotel services

the Sahara Hotel is a hotel that makes you feel at home as soon as you enter. There fresh welcome drink that is offered at check-in is very welcome.
In the age of the internet, one of the main services that are sought in hotels all over the world is Wireless. Even here in Mandalay the Hotel Sahara is no exception, with excellent coverage both at the reception and on the floors.
Being a very large city it is worthwhile rent a bike or maybe a moped if you like to experience the thrill of Asian traffic. The hotel offers the rental of both and the moped you can choose with manual or automatic transmission.
Don't feel like visiting the city on your own? Do not worry, they also organize excursions to visit the center of Mandalay and its surroundings.

As already mentioned, there are several banks around the Sahara. If these should be closed the hotel offers you the currency exchange, mainly dollars.
Another service that is offered is that of Laundry, with excellent results and at economical prices.
Can't miss the Shuttle Service, both for the airport and for the bus station with a negligible cost.
To conclude, among the services included there is also the luggage storage. Regarding this, do you have the bus or the plane that leaves in the evening to go to visit another city? Are you already worrying about the conditions you will be in in the evening after a day out in Mandalay? This hotel has the perfect solution: you can avail free hot shower and thus be new and ready for another adventure.

The rooms of the Sahara Hotel

The rooms at the Sahara Hotel aren't huge, but they are clean and they have everything you need to refresh and rest. They all have the window, which is not something to be taken for granted. They are all equipped with television and every day bottles of "complimentary water". Let's not forget the inevitable and much loved (by Asians) air conditioning.

The Sahara Hotel staff

We end with the human part, which is a very important component. Well, what about, ask and it will be given to you. I'm super available, smiling and efficient. Whatever your request, they will do everything to make it happen. They don't have perfect English, but they make themselves understood and that's the important thing.
And finally, an aspect not to be underestimated is that the Hotel is also economic!

I highly recommend this hotel which has everything you need to enjoy a few days in Mandalay and its surroundings.

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