New York for $ 1: low cost food and drink

All the people who come to visit me a New York, among the many information they ask me, there is always the question: "but is New York expensive in terms of food and drink?".

Here are some tips for eat well at really affordable prices , with an eye to multiculturalism, even in terms of food, which here in New York is the prerogative to do everything, even to eat!

Hot dogs for $ 1

There are places for low cost lunches, especially in the street, where the pizza only comes$ 1, hot dog always for $ 1 and in some places burgers always for $ 1. For lunches that are a bit more substantial, what is fashionable in 90% of restaurants in New York is the Lunch Special.

Lunch Special

This type of lunch involves a set menu or some dishes chosen from long menus at half price than what they cost at dinner. There are times to be respected, maybe they go from 12 to 14 or sometimes like from 15 to 17. Keep in mind that if you have a hearty breakfast you shouldn't have problems arriving until that time, so always keep an eye on the menus of the restaurants that meet on your way, and if they also have the Lunch Special option, take note of the time;)

Oysters for $ 1

Among my favorite places for dinner, there is definitely the Thalia New York, the price of the general menu ranges between $ 16 and $ 30 and of course the question is "do you consider it affordable?" No not at all! But what I recommend it for is not dinner, but the fact that from 19pm until closing, then 2am, offers high quality oysters for $ 1 each.
Always this place at lunchtime, which here goes from 15 to 17.30 offers thehappy hour with drinks and some dishes at half price, and his cuisine is very sophisticated. Also, while you wait they bring a tray with hot focaccia and black olive pate, in short, I recommend it for various reasons, but with some precautions!

Japanese barbecue

Is called Gyu Kaku New Yorkand has several outlets throughout New York. The nice thing is that each table is equipped with a hot plate where you can cook things on your own. Happy hour is for both lunch and dinner it's almost all day basically, right with a break from time to time. The menu consists of meat, fish and vegetables. For example, meat is served in trays with 6/7 slices, obviously small, with prices not exceeding $ 6. The cocktails are also half price and the desserts although generally full price are fabulous.

Drink for $ 6

Drinking for a few dollars in New York is a real challenge, and generally almost everywhere a cocktail or glass of prosecco is around $ 15-20. But not al Jimmy's Corner New York. A beer here is around $ 3-5e cocktails 6-10 $ and they also bring you snacks to eat! The place is very characteristic one wall is covered with dollars while the rest of the place is dedicated to the history of the box with autographed or not signed photos of all the existing champions in the world. While the tables have been covered with photos of past customers there! Don't expect 5-star venue but more a very cozy and downstairs bar atmosphere a few blocks from Times square.

Eight Turn Crepe

Finally the gluttony corner. At Eight Turn Crepe New York you can taste some of the best savory and sweet crêpes on the face of the earth.
Le salads with crêpes dough they have chicken or shrimp or bacon, with vegetables and sauces.
Le desserts they are spatial: fresh fruit such as strawberries, bananas, lychee, blackberries and raspberries accompanied by chocolate cream or ice cream and obviously almonds, pistachios, chocolate fudge.
The strangest and most beautiful thing is that once you finish one you want to take another!

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