New Year's Eve in New York, here's where to celebrate

New Year's Eve in New York, here's where to celebrate

Un New Year's Eve in New York, but do you know how it actually takes place? I'll explain it to you :)

Times Square

Surely the best known location, certainly the most evocative New Year but also the longest and most tiring to survive. I'm not saying it's a fight for survival but almost. Times square's problem is that the barriers close around lunchtime so there are people already at 9. When they close it is no longer possible to reach the square. And who is inside can no longer get out of it, this means no bathroom until after midnight and most of the time it also means being tossed from side to side until the police are obviously satisfied after checking all the bags. As for eating them either you bring it or pass the men with the pizzas that cost not below or 25$ and of course I would advise you to drink little.

It looks like a war on survival actually a bit it is but when the accommodation part is over you will be enveloped in a beautiful atmosphere where everyone looks like a big family and everyone laughs and talks to each other. When the sun goes down then the very famous show on Times Square with famous people, singers and celebrities of all kinds who will keep you company until midnight live worldwide. In addition, it is also celebrated in the New Years of other places in the world that celebrate sooner or later with the time zone. This means that during the evening there will be multiple countdowns. When midnight approaches, the real countdown begins with the famous ball that rises up to explode in the highest point of Times square and starts millions of fireworks!

New Year's Eve in Central Park

If the temperature allows it, a picnic in the center of the heart of New York is certainly very impressive. Obviously the maxi screens will give in direct Times Square while you can enjoy a setting that is certainly more relaxing and intimate but at the same time full of celebrations. In fact, there will be Central Park fireworks.


Another very suggestive location as being at 40th floor of a skyscraper it means seeing everything in front of you, truly everything.
The prices, however, are not very affordable, ranging from a minimum of 150$ without table and without dinner generally at 1800 $ for vip tables with all the comforts, champagne, dinner, open bar etc.

Go to dinner for new year a bit like everywhere in the world, even here it means eating more or less the same things every day just by adding a zero to the bill.

In Times Square there are tons of restaurants that do dinner overlooking Times square but be careful before booking, go and see first the view on what exactly because they often say view on Times square and in reality you only see a corner of this and therefore it would be like not being there paying an indecent price anyway!

If you have money to spend go to Times Square Marriott where the circular lounge, which turns during the evening offers a breathtaking view right on the square so that you can enjoy the show in the heat and without too much crowding. an excellent menu and open bar. Base price 700 $.

New Year's Eve by boat along the East River with dinner on board and open bar drinks. prices not excessive and certainly a nice experience from which you can enjoy the fires made in every point of the city and the New York panorama that always has a great impact on the hearts.

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