Journey to discover the Grand Canyon

    Very often we tend to consider United States like the land of big cities, action cinema and skyscrapers, overshadowing everything else. Instead, it should be remembered that the US represents a nation rich in natural wonders, places where the colors are not the high-sounding ones of the metropolis, but the rough and even more imaginative ones of the parks, rivers and mountains. Green, and blue, but also the pastel red of the Grand Canyon, for example. In the south-west of the States, in fact, we find this real monument that Mother Nature gave us. Together with Death Valley, not far away, the Grand Canyon is one of the most visited natural parks in the world. There are many travelers who come here every day driven by curiosity and the desire to see a legendary place up close. But let's take a closer look at the reasons for this success.

    Il Grand Canyon is located in the State ofArizona, included in the territory of Grand Canyon National Park. It is a one of a kind place that really leaves you breathless. It is no coincidence that this is one of the oldest (and most visited) natural parks in the States. Over time, the Colorado River, which has flowed through this territory for millions of years, has carved out a huge gorge almost two thousand meters deep and more than four hundred kilometers long. It goes without saying that the result of this erosion is an incredible scenario. In the views of the Grand Canyon, in fact, the colors are truly varied and the thousands of imperceptible shades that are generated make it all truly wonderful. It will be very difficult to forget a show of such beauty: every little one crack in the rock represents a point of absolute originality. Because each detail of the stone is completely different and consequently is affected by the light in a different way. Suffice it to say that the narrowest points of this gorge are barely five hundred meters wide, and that, on the contrary, the largest openings reach twenty-five kilometers.

    Visiting the Grand Canyon is an idea that is impossible to regret. To do this, you must first look for a reliable car rental in the USA for your trip to Arizona. Once you arrive on site with your car, you can head towards one of the many observation points. There are so many and they allow you to fully enjoy the immensity and magic of the Grand Canyon landscape. The view from the top is also very impressive, looking at the steep and golden walls. The point of view of the Skywalk. It is a ring suspended in the void in the middle of the canyons: a unique experience, to be immortalized in a truly mandatory photo.

    The Grand Canyon is interesting, as well as from the point of view tourist, also for its great geological value. The layers of colored rock, in fact, allow us to reconstruct millions of years of our planet's history. Precisely for this reason the landscape becomes so fascinating: in the soft light of sunrise and sunset, in fact, the Grand Canyon highlights those colors we have already talked about. Each of them, in addition to leaving visitors speechless, is the sign of the slow and inexorable succession of ancient layers of the rock, evolved into each other over the millennia.

    No more words are needed, it is already clear enough why, every year, more than five million tourists from all over the world visit this park. Such crowds have naturally led to very strict rules regarding behavior in the Grand Canyon. But it is obvious that this is so, for the good of humanity. The men of the future will also need places like this.

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