India travel information and advice

India travel information, tips and useful advice

We left for theIndia in two, me and my partner.

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India tips, itinerary and useful tips

It was a journey we had long dreamed of taking, and finally, we were able to make it happen.

I think it is not possible to tell the impressions and emotions that incessantly affect once you arrive in that magnificent land, it seemed to me to live in another life, a "pure" and "alive" life.

This is why I decided not to tell what it feels like to be personal in India, I want, instead, to give you some tips and advice that could be useful once you arrive in the spectacular land of India.

India when to go

Il best time to visit India is the one that runs from November to the end of March because you will find a climate rather cold but sunny.

Also this is the season ofHoli, one of the fit is Hindu most beautiful and lively in the country.

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Be careful though, the night temperatures can be quite cold in the months of December and January.

But I strongly advise against going to India in the summer.

Starting from April, temperatures rise inexorably to reach over 45 ° C in May and June and the heat persists almost uninterrupted until October.

Also this season from Rajasthan furious sandstorms arrive and the monsoons arrive at the end of June which causes a high increase in humidity.

How to get around India

In the capital of India, New Delhi, I advise against taking buses for the faint of heart and those who need to be punctual.

They cover much of the city and have rock-bottom rates, but they are also overcrowded and in bad shape.

Instead I recommend the taxi, and in the city there are many.

However, you must learn to negotiate the fare before departure.

I he motorized they are a better alternative during the busiest hours of the day: they have fixed rates and routes and are able to navigate through traffic quite easily.

If you have time, try to rent a bike, especially in New Delhi where the wide and less crowded streets make traveling on two wheels safer.

India where to stay

We booked our hotel from the search engine of this site at a very affordable price.

We assume that cleanliness, as is well known, leaves a lot to be desired, I think a little throughout the country, even if you choose a 4-star hotel.

The mid-range hotels we stayed in gave a clean impression at first, but then surprises were never lacking; between sheets or towels that at first seemed white there was always the optional speck.

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All the rooms we slept in were ensuite and with hot water.

Indian cooking tips

When we left we were quite curious and perhaps a little afraid of what awaited us, so much so that once we got to New Delhi for the first three days we were loyal customers of the Pizza Hut chain.

The surprises, however, arrived with the passing of the days because we realized that in the various places we visited with a little foresight we could put something really good and (perhaps) healthy under our teeth. And in the end I do not deny that I am so fond of that cuisine that I imported some Indian recipes that I still prepare at home.

I just want to make a clarification for mineral water: in addition to having the seal like the one used in Spain, you have to make sure that there is another plastic seal that "covers" the neck of the bottle and that once removed it usually it splits and cannot therefore be reused.

Always check, as someone seems to be able to refill and reseal used bottles.

India what to see and places to visit

India is huge and there are really a lot of things to visit and, briefly, I tell you what were our milestones of the journey that lasted 15 days.

First step Delhi., followed by a visit by Jaipur, elephant ride and visit of the Amber Fort, Jaipur poi Safari in jeep nel Ranthambhore National Park, followed by the wildlife visit.

Still ride on the rickshaw in the Ornithological Reserve of Bharatpur and visit of Taj Mahal, the Symbol of Love then a memorable visit to the places immersed in the jungle and rich in wildlife.

I no longer wanted to leave that simply unique land.

I will always carry with me his perfumes and the emotions he left me.

Photo gallery India

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