727 Fusolage Home, the wildest romantic resort in the world

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727 Fuselage Home is an extraordinary hotel housed in a disused Boeing and is located within the Cosa Verde hotel complex. Let's find out in all its peculiarity.

727 Fuselage Home Costa Rica: information

Just imagine for a moment being able to sleep inside a plane that appears to have crashed into the jungle: welcome to "aboard" 727 Fusolage Home.

727 Fusolage Home is a 727 Boeing 1965 which after years of honorable service with South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines has been completely transformed into a resort.

Located inside the Manuel Antonio National Park, in the heart of the jungle of Costa Rica, 727 Fusolage Home it is part of the tourist hotel complex Costa Verde and was recovered from the San Jose airport.

The question arises: "How did the plane arrive in the middle of the jungle?".

Il boeing 727 it is wonderfully wedged between trees and shrubs and has been completely disassembled piece by piece and then reassembled on a pedestal at a height of more than 15 meters (the prices for disassembly and reassembly were very high).

Why eat in a Home Restaurant: what it is and characteristics

Thanks to this particular location, it offers an unparalleled view of theOcean.

This old Boeing has perfectly integrated with its surroundings and represents an extraordinary “recycling” that has given life to one of the most beautiful, romantic and evocative tourist facilities in the world.

Inside this old aircraft, two suites have been created, built, think a little, in the precious hand-carved wood from theIndonesia and Java and are completely covered in teak.

These two beautiful suites with a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea, have satellite TV, kitchenette, bathroom and air conditioning.

727 Fusolage Home it is certainly not the first hotel to have been created inside an airplane, but it is certainly one of the most extraordinary in the world thanks to its location.

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