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Costa Rica guide, useful information and itinerary

We have been in Costa Rica and we want to write this travel story to provide users with useful and straightforward information on what to visit.

Let's start by saying that we have achieved San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, via Caracas, saving us the US customs procedures we would have found on Miami.

Costa Rica what to see and places to visit

Da San Jose we take an organized tour to visit the Tortuguero Natural Park on the Atlantic.

The outward journey takes most of the day and first takes place by long bus banana plantations (where they speak to us with a certain rancor of the crimes of the Yanquis banana companies, evidently more interested in profit than in settling disputes) and then by boat in a dense network of canals in the forest near the coast.

Eventually we arrive in a lodge nestled in the tropical forest, adjacent to the beach where sea turtles come to lay their eggs.

Costa Rica beaches

The next day we take a walk in the forest with a guide who shows us the incredible variety of plants and animals: monkeys, caimans, toucans, poisonous frogs, herons, iguanas, spiders, huge butterflies and there is even a sloth.

In San José they give us a rental car, an off-road vehicle, booked in advance, with which we will be completely independent until the end of the trip.

The narrow strip of land that connects North and South America (Costa Rica is just north-west of the Isthmus of Panama) is rich in volcanoes, which here reach up to 3800 meters of altitude.

We aim to see the Arenal volcano, with a road that reaches the crater, but when we arrive at the entrance of the relative park we are immersed in the fog, and the guardians explain to us that higher is worse, so we give up.

Costa Rica beaches and entertainment

Da San Jose let's go to Central Pacific to surf in one of the beaches most famous in the world for Surfing the Esterillos Oeste.

A Esterillos Oeste we found a delightful little hotel with an evocative name "La Dolce Vita"Overlooking the beach, in the midst of palm trees, parrots and at a very convenient price.

There we spent a week surfing from morning to night.

After the week we were able to reach Il Manuel Antonio Park, with his Puerto Escondido and subsequently the Hoza Peninsula which is the wildest place in Costa Rica.

Outside of the San José area and a couple of cross country roads, road conditions are deplorable, full of huge potholes.

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The Pan-American road is no exception.

It would be wise to proceed "on sight" avoiding the holes one by one, but the premises run the same, with unpredictable discards.

Before leaving for Europe, let's pay another visit to park of Braulio Carrillo, easily accessible from San José, where the "Canopy“, An unusual cableway that runs at the level of the canopy of the trees, allows you to see the forest from an unusual and fascinating perspective.

The trip was nothing short of fantastic, the emotions that remain are indescribable.

Absolutely worth seeing is Costa Rica.

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