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Costa Rica where it is, capital, map, climate, when to go and cost of living. 

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Costa Rica map

Costa Rica where it is

La Republic of Costa Rica o Costa Rica is one State of Central America whose official language is Spanish.

It is one of the smallest states in Central America and its coasts partly overlook thePacific Ocean and partly on the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

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Capital Costa Rica

La Capital of Costa Rica è San Jose which is the main commercial and economic center of the country.

This beautiful city of about 340.000 inhabitants is located on the Maseta Central and is home to the Juan Santamaria International Airport which is the largest in the Costa Rica.

Costa Rica weather

Il climate of Costa Rica it is warm all year round both along the coasts and in the plains, while in the high plateaus and in the mountains it is mild.

In the hottest areas the temperature the minimums oscillate between 22 ° / 25 ° and the maximums between 32 ° / 35 ° while in the interior areas (mountains and plateaus) the minimums oscillate between 14 ° / 17 ° and the maximum 24 ° / 28 °.

Costa Rica when to go

Il best time to go to Costa Rica it runs from January to the end of April (the best months are February and March), a period suitable for those who love beach life and for those who intend to visit the cities.

Costa Rica cost of living

La Costa Rica it is ranked first for the average happiness of the population and you live very well indeed.

Unfortunately it is the most expensive country in Central America as it offers so many Skills and an excellent one quality of life but it offers a lot of job opportunities (you need to know both Spanish and English).

Costa Rica beaches

It should be noted that the average salary to live for a Westerner is around 1000 euros while the locals live peacefully and happily on around 600 dollars a month.

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Costa Rica pictures

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