Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius

If you love terraced houses and a dream setting, this is the post for you: relaxation and excursions on the island of Mauritius.

If you are still undecided about the next summer destination, we offer you a fabulous stay inMauritius island at the property Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac: terraced houses, a stone's throw from the sea, will host you in a floral and architectural triumph that has no equal in the world.

Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius

The comforts of the Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac

Mauritius is one of the Indian Ocean destinations most sought after by travelers of all ages; whether it is a family vacation or an adventure with friends of a lifetime, the coral reef, the beaches and the crystal clear sea will make you regret not being Mauritian!

Le holiday houses offers are all furnished in a modern style; they have wi-fi for your laptops and tablets and air conditioning systems to withstand the tropical heat.

In addition, there are two equipped swimming pools shared with the visitors of the other apartments that will make your pleasant break even more fun-filled.

Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius

Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac, Mauritius

If you have been to Sardinia, you have taken a tour of the French Riviera and you have passed through the Seychelles, Mauritius is one of the last stops missing from your international travel diary.

How to get to the resort

The airline we suggest you consider is Fly Emirates which offers very competitive prices compared to the competition; the only negative is it mandatory stopover in Dubai, which will only slow down your journey by a few hours.

The Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac is worthy of being compared to the mythical competitor Conrad Bora Bora Nui which offers real modern stilts, with all the most enviable and sophisticated comforts, directly in contact with the sea.

The excursions

The capital of Mauritius (Port Luis) will know how to orient you towards inland itineraries such as the excursion in the rainforests and around the waterfalls or in newly built architectural districts such as shopping malls, luxury boutiques, skyscrapers that are strongly influenced by Western influence.

The most talked about tourist facility in the Pacific is therefore the Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac: with its 47 km distance from the international airport of the country, it is one of the easiest places for those traveling by bus, or at best. , by taxi.

The costs of the Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac

The prices for the stay depend on the booking period and the number of explorers in the group: on average a family with two children spends about € 3000 for a three-week stay in the high season (July / August).

It must be considered that if you leave in summer, in the Mauritius islands it will be winter and vice versa; so keep an eye on the calendar and carefully consider the best time for your overseas expedition.

The tropical climate reaches, in the period of maximum heat, more than 45 degrees; so it is advisable to equip yourself with fresh clothing and a water bottle always ready to quench your thirst.

The local currency is the rupee; the € / Mauritian rupee exchange is very favorable if not done at the airport or in the capital: try to redeem a few euros in Italy before leaving, it could be the most convenient solution for everyone.

Golden Coast Flic-en-Flac is a truly unique solution if you want to get to know special places.

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