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Travel to Bayahibe useful tips, guide and tips

  • Travel to Bayahibe useful tips, guide and itinerary
  • Dominican Republic what to eat
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Travel to Bayahibe useful tips, guide and itinerary

Meeting at 8.30 outside the Viva Dominicius Beach Village with the taxi you go to Bayahibe with Marco and Beppe Bolognese photographer of too strong an exaggerated sympathy.

We load everything you need to drink and eat and then with the launch we start the first stage, at natural pools and off everyone in the water to make a toast with cuba libre.

There are giant starfish and a sea that is truly a natural swimming pool, without haste then we leave for the island of Saona and we arrive in Song of the Beach which is truly a paradise with crystal clear sea e White sand where one has the impression of being in another world, there were only twenty people in a postcard beach with huge palm trees.

Dominican Republic what to eat

Immediately in the water entranced after about 1 hour of sea aperitif you eat as promised: Lobsters at will, very good pork all cooked on the grill with a side of grilled potatoes.

Dominican Republic: Bayahibe

We are in the most beautiful place in the world I seem to be living a dream but it is all Spartan reality sitting in the towels eating lobster with your hands on paper plates.

After lunch there are those who took a nap under a palm tree and those who took a walk and my thought was to be able to stop time to slow down the hours, but in the Song of the Beach the hours passed and in the middle of the afternoon we left towards fishing village to go and visit the Mangrove Park (surreal vegetation of plants in the sea).

Between sips of fresh rum and various songs we leave for the last swim in the natural pools last toast of Cuba free in the sea and then launches towards the return to Bayahibe but before leaving something for the Captain and the cooks wonderful people of great hospitality

I recommend an unforgettable day I will always carry it in my heart with me.

Bayahibe what to see and places to visit

The day of Safari and Fiume Chavon we were about 15 people and we left with the characteristic local open truck with destination cane sugar plants where there were workers who worked and say that sugar cane, eaten raw clean, becomes a yellow stick and also serves to make become white teeth.

We leave again towards the hinterland, we pass in a bazaar after which we go to a poor village where there were barefoot but all beautiful and smiling children who surrounded us.

We then left for the city of Higuay towards the local market a surreal market for us back years but many years.

After the tour we go to eat at theIndians who is a gentleman who cooks in the middle of the forest, in a suggestive place in contact with nature where everything is cooked on the grill as they do not have gas only rice, beans, a seafood salad, potatoes and delicious river prawns.

America Coast to Coast

After tasting the Mama Juana liqueur made by the Indios with local herbs, we left for the famous Chavon river where they shot some movies.

We stopped to swim and dive with a vine and all this is reality not a magnificent dream but time passed and the day was ending so we arrived at the terminus where the truck that would take us back to Bayahibe.

I was pleased to tell mine excursions, unforgettable days that I will always carry in my heart.

I recommend it as a holiday, I found friendly people, in Bayahibe it is really good.

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